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United States of America United States of America (1912 - 1953)


The Overland Automobile Co. was founded by Claude E. Cox (designer and builder) and David M. Parry (financer) in Indianna, USA on the March 31st, 1906. An economic depression in 1907 led Parry to lose his fortune and the Overland Automobile Co. was on the brink of shutting down. John North Willys saved the company from bankruptcy and bought it. In 1909 Willys purchased the Marion Motor Car Co. of Ohio and the Pope plant from Toledo, Ohio. Then he reorganised the company under the name Willys-Overland Co. in 1912 and moved to Toledo.

As of 1917 the company was offering cars for three segments of the market:  the Overland, the Willys and the Willys Knight. The Overland was the cheaper and the Willys Knight the most expensive. In 1953 Kaiser Motors acquired Willys-Overland and renamed it Willys Motor Company.

Willys-Overland Co.
origin:United States of America United States of America, 1912
status:Discontinued, 1953
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