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Things to Do Before Submitting Your Essay
Things to Do Before Submitting Your Essay
Congratulations! You have put the final full stop in your essay. But before you submit it, hold your horses until you have done all the things I am going to share with you below.

Once you have finished writing your essay, you want to make sure that it is flawless. Sometimes you may want to redo the whole thing before submitting it while in some cases you may want to check grammar, spelling, sentence structure and other things are done properly.

Now before you hand in your essay, do the following things:

1. Take a Short Break

Now, maybe you are asking yourself how you can take a short break with the limited time you have. But look, that’s why it is advised not to wait until the last minute rush. This is so that you can have ample time to go over your paper and make sure there are no mistakes before submitting it.

After writing your essay, take a short break. Just take your eyes and thoughts away from your paper for a while. If you are short on time, perhaps this could mean going outside for a few minutes then come back to review your essay with a fresh point of view.

2. Essay Structure: Check!

After the short break, come back and check whether your essay is formatted properly. I hope before you started writing you drafted an outline. Or you may have sought help from expert essay writing providers like who offer different types of essay writing like this one That’s the best tool to guide you when reviewing your essay.
Ideally, your outline will have the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Ensure that your essay has all these sections and that each sentence transitions the reader to the next one. Your ideas should flow logically.

3. Grammar: Check!

Checking grammar errors these days is easier than before thanks to the free online grammar checker tools. You can also use the premium tools if you have the budget, although the free tools can do the work.

Remember that you should not always trust these tools 100%. First, make sure you correct grammar errors manually then consult these tools.

4. Citation Style: Check!

Usually, the two citations styles you will be required to use in your essays are MLA and APA. Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc. are also other citation styles you will come across infrequently. If your essay doesn’t show which style to use, it’s better to ask your professor.
Each citation style has a different format to be followed.

You risk losing marks if you don’t follow the citation style required. Make sure your essay follows the required format before submitting it.

5. Plagiarism: Check!

If you copied even if a sentence or words from other people’s work, take that sentence out before you are caught. Plagiarism is punishable. If you don’t lose marks, you may be suspended from the institution.
Your essay needs to be original.

Use the available plagiarism checkers to make sure that what’s in your essay is nothing but your own work.

6. Proofread and Edit

Those ten minutes you spend proofreading your essay can make a huge difference. Besides, most universities and colleges don’t tolerate silly mistakes in papers.

So, you want to proofread and edit your essay where necessary. You may proofread yourself or ask a friend to give your essay a second eye as it may not be easy to spot your own mistakes. So there you have it. Once all this is done, you can hand in your essay.

Good luck!