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autoviva2014-04-10 12:29:31

Microcars for everyone

Which one of this vehicles would you like to have in your garage

Microcars were extremely popular during post-war period and were created as more economical options to the cars built then. Many were produced by small businesses and other just for fun by engineers who used their free time creating some pearls of the automotive industry.

Among the most famous we know the Isetta300BMW-Isetta 300Germany, 0 > present5 versions
63 photos
or the PeelP50Peel P50United Kingdom, 1962 > present8 photos
1 video
, but the list is far more extensive and we even risk to say that there are microcar for all tastes. From convertibles, to delivery cars, bubble cars and even sport microcars, some inspired by famous models, others with a rather strange design. We're not lacking options at all.

We have collected some vehicles from a long list of microcars that we will be exploring over the next few weeks. Tell us which one would you prefer to have in your garage and why. We are curious to know what is your opinion.

Goggomobil TL-250 Transporter Krispy Kreme

The 2941mm length of the Goggomobil TL-250 make it a small delivery vehicle with the style of those we are used to see in Hollywood movies where companies make deliveries in rich neighborhoods. This one advertises Krispy Kreme, an international doughnut brand. See more photos here.

Berkeley Sports

Probably with a design inspired by classic Ferraris, this microcar from Berkeley was created as a more economical option for competition. The Berkeley Sports was launched in 1958 at the Paris Motor Show. Find more pictures of this car here.

Fuldamobil S6

If you want to drive down the street without going unnoticed then this car can be a wise option. The Fuldamobil 6 is a famous "bubble" car whose size and its shape will surely attract many curious people. Find out more here.

SIL Atlas

The bulky lines of bumpers, the red and black colors and the similarities with Sofravel "Coccinelle" (Ladybird) gave the SIL Atlas initially the nickname "Coccinelle". This car spreads elegance wherever it goes, but it can hardly be found outside France. Find out some more pictures here.

Cuno Bistram

It may not seem like one of the safest cars in the world, but the lines of Cuno Bistram undoubtedly remember the first Formula 1 cars. Looks great in any garage and can add a good amount of style to any "geek" that has the good fortune to be able to spend. You can check here more pictures of the car.

Rovin D2

Design, engineering and large production made the Rovin D2 the longer lasting postwar microcar. With simple but eye-catching lines, this car would be a real exquisite choice for spring weekend trips. Discover here some more pictures of this microcar.

Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe

The Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe is ready for any situation. This microcar is a small convertible that can be used both in outdoor rides or can protect you from rain with a simple fabric cover. However the best thing is to carry a raincoat to compensate for the lack of side windows. More images aqui.

Goggomobil TL-400 Transporter Coca-Cola

For fans of the world's most famous drink this is the perfect microcar. This delivery truck Goggomobil da Coca-Cola is a perfect vehicle for deliveries on-demand. Witha bit of luck you can earn an extra commission from the brand. We can say...Always Coca-Cola! Find out more pictures here.


Eshelman Adult Sport Car Deluxe

The rocket placed on the side of the Eshelman Sport Car Adult Deluxe can give the idea that this is a true speed machine...but don't fool yourself. The 8hp the microcar can't do much. Nevertheless, it definitely has an unusual style. You can see some more photos here.

Champion CH-2

To drive around in great style, Champion CH-2 may be one of the best options. You can not expect great speeds of its 6.5hp engine, but the lines give it an elegance that doesn't stand behind other classic vehicles. You can see here some more pictures.

  • Goggomobil TL-250 Transporter Krispy Kreme
  • Berkeley Sports
  • Fuldamobil S6
  • SIL Atlas
  • Cuno Bistram
  • Rovin D2
  • Mochet CM-125 Grand Luxe
  • Goggomobil TL-400 Transporter Coca-Cola
  • Eshelman Adult Sport Car Deluxe
  • Champion CH-2


Berkeley Sports for weekend blasts, Goggomobil van to sell ice cream cones and I'm all set...
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