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autoviva2012-11-12 12:10:10

10 Crazy Road Laws - Animal Edition

Respecting driving laws is what allows us to get to work or home in safety and prevents traffic from being totally insane. Yes, some can be quite boring to abide by like unforgiving speed limits or just all out funny like Alabama having a law that forbids you from driving while blindfolded. Really?? That would be an accomplishment.

But if you think it stops there, we can assure you that some legislators were even more creative and they didn't forget to include our animal friends. Some laws were created to protect them and some we can't even begin to justify.

Even though we're pretty sure some of these laws are not applied anymore we garantee you they will amuse you.

South Africa

When thinking about South Africa one thing immediatly comes to mind, its wildlife. It has about 10% of all known species of plants on Earth and also a great variety of mammals that sometimes like to drop by the cities to pay a visit to their fellow human countrymen. To show some respect, legislators made it illegal not to stop or slow down if animals are crossing the road. Now that's a law we appreciate around here!

Alaska - Dogs

Alaskans must be really nice people since they decided to make it illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car. Apparently not everyone thinks that this makes sense, right Mr. Romney??

California - Jackrabbits

Another great example of road legislators gone mad in California. It is illegal to shoot jackrabbits from the back of a streetcar. Maybe they were trying to prevent a drive-by shooting - gangster style - or help decrease the state’s overweight rate by forcing people to exercise a bit more. We're curious!

Connecticut - Deers

Connecticut is known as The Land of Steady Habits and was an influential state in the development of the federal government of the country. We guess one of those steady habits was to grab the car and just go on a hunting spree, and perhaps these guys were causing too much trouble because now it's illegal to hunt from your car even during deer season.

Kansas - Poultry

Kansas, home of Dorothy and her red ruby shoes, is considered to have one of the windiest cities in the United States. We can't help but wonder if that had anything to do with one of the laws established in the state. It says that it's illegal to transport dead poultry along Kansas Avenue. We bet they didn't want the smell to spread with the wind.

Florida - Elephants

Florida may be the sunshine state but we never thought it was once a savanna! You may ask Why is that? Well, there's a law that states that if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle. Maybe there was a time when people used elephants instead of horses in Florida... who knows!

Nevada - Camels

A semiarid area, the state of Nevada is surrounded by the Mojave Desert and the Sierra Nevada mountains. So if you want to cross it prepare yourself for a long lonely trip. But we're sorry to let you know that if you want to do it in style you'll have to use a plain old car because the state made it illegal do ride a camel on the highway. Don't be sad, at least it will be a lot faster!

Florida - Fishes

Florida is also famous for its wildlife, alligators, swamps, flamingos and manatees so we believe floridians are very fond of fishing. But did that passion ever go overboard? We can only imagine as currently it's illegal to fish while driving across a bridge. Probably not the easiest way to throw a fishing line anyways!

California - Whales

US's most populous state, California has quite a collection of crazy road laws. One of those forbids anyone to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle (this part isn't so silly) unless the target is a whale - this part ruins the chance of having a valid rule to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Beware of those common animals on the streets aka whales!

Pennsylvania - Horses

If you're considering driving through Pennsylvania then there's something you should know. Any driver that sees a group of horses should remove himself from the road and cover the car with something that blends in with the landscape to let the horses go their own way. Should the horses show signs of fear then you must only dismantle your car and hide the pieces!!! We don't want to frighten the poor horsies...

  • South Africa
  • Alaska - Dogs
  • California - Jackrabbits
  • Connecticut - Deers
  • Kansas - Poultry
  • Florida - Elephants
  • Nevada - Camels
  • Florida - Fishes
  • California - Whales
  • Pennsylvania - Horses




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