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Driving Advice

autoviva2012-11-23 12:40:00

Autumn driving tips

As we officially wave our good-byes to another summer, it is time to prepare car and driver for the autumn that lies ahead. As the summer on the road has its challenges, the autumn requires some attention too.

As the days grow shorter, the darkness creeps onto the streets and increases the danger of accidents. But also the humidity and cold are a factor to remember while driving and maintaining the car.

Be aware of wet leaves

Autumn not only brings beautifully coloured landscapes but also roads covered in layers of wet leaves. Drive slow and with care as these patches are extremely slippery!

Clear your windscreens

Take your time in the morning to make sure you have clear visibility on all fronts when starting into your day. Clear all windscreens and mirrors of condensation or ice and plan a couple of minutes for that to make sure you don't get late to work.

Turn on your headlights

With dimm daylight fading away during ever shorter days, keep your headlights turned on longer and switch them on before sunset to make sure you are visible to others in the twilight.


Keep the battery clean and dry

Check your battery for humidity and corrosion. Make sure it stays dry to avoid any problems.

Check older batteries

Batteries with more than three years should receive some extra attention. To avoid unneccesary failures in this department, give them a good check-up and replace them if neccessary.


Check your wiper blades

To maintain good visibility throughout the rainy season, take a closer look at your wiper blades. Are they looking okay? No squeaking noises?

  • Be aware of wet leaves
  • Clear your windscreens
  • Turn on your headlights
  • Keep the battery clean and dry
  • Check older batteries
  • Check your wiper blades




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