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Silverstone GP - Red Bull's Team Orders
The Silverstone Grand Prix proved to be an exhilarating one, no doubt, but like most F1 races, the end of a grand prix is always pervaded with celebration, parties and most of all: the controversies.

The most significant one is probably the team orders that were issued by Red Bull to Mark Webber during the very last segments of the race. Webber was steadily increasing his pace and was soon catching up with his teammate, Sebastian Vettel. An overtaking manoeuvre by Webber seemed likely, which would have placed him on the 2nd step of the podium. But then team principal Christian Horner spoke to him over the team radio, and that's when we heard it all: "Mark, we need to maintain the gap."

Are we looking at a repeat of what happened last year, on the very same track? Red Bull have claimed this team order to be a strategic move for championship points, but with Vettel so far ahead in the drivers' standings (he now has an 80-point lead over 2nd place Mark Webber), was it really imperative for him to come in second? There are only 3 points between the 2nd and 3rd place, and letting Mark Webber take second place would have widened the points gap between himself and the other main championship contenders - Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. So, this leaves us to wonder if this really was a case of team championship points or like last year, which was a case of "favouritism" for Vettel over Webber.

But let me give you a recap of what happened last year.
There was a fall-out between Mark Webber and Red Bull, who used his new front wing from his car to replace Sebastian Vettel's after the German's own front wing was damaged during the last free practice session. Although Vettel claimed pole position during qualifying, Mark Webber was the one who stormed to victory in the end. After crossing the finish line and flying past the chequered flag, Christian Horner congratulated him over the team radio, and that was when Webber infamously said, "Not bad for a number 2 driver".

Apparently, Red Bull issued the order 4 times, but Webber ignored them and continued attacking Vettel and putting pressure on him before finally - grudgingly and reluctantly - giving in. I think this is going to cause a rift and increase the tension yet again between the two drivers and the team, and it is said that the issue of team orders may affect Webber's decision to stay with Red Bull once his contract with them ends.
Female, 25
Location: , Singapore Singapore
Birthday: 3 April
about: I'm a little girl with big dreams - hoping to become an F1 journalist one day! Let me think of something else more interesting. Then I'll let you know ;)
Interests: Formula One. Forza Ferrari! My heart and soul will always be rooting for this Italian team. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen (although he's not racing in F1 anymore) are my all-time favourite drivers. It's not about the glamour; it's about pure talent, skill and having the right attitude. That's what makes Formula One the ultimate motor sport to watch.
Occupation: Student. (Hopefully) Future F1 journalist!
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