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Two Blower Bentleys Taking on Mille Miglia
2013-05-15 14:01:08 Bentley has two 1930 4.5-litre supercharged cars ready to take on the Mi...
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Sir Stirling Moss Completes Mille Miglia in C-Type
2012-05-21 13:50:54 Jaguar Heritage Racing is racking up the victories this season. First a {TOOLTIP|VERSION|8681|C-...
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Mercedes Museum Celebrating Brand's History in Mille Miglia
2012-10-10 14:40:38 The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is opening an exhibit on the brand's history in the Mi...
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Mercedes Entering Five Classic Cars Into 2013 Mille Miglia
2013-04-26 14:16:31 Mercedes is entering the Mille Miglia again this year with several factory-entered classic cars ...
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Jaguar Added Celebrities to Mille Miglia Drivers This Year
2013-05-17 18:32:22 Jaguar selected several celebrities to drive its cars in the Mille Miglia classic rally this yea...
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12 Classic BMW 328s Entered into the Mille Miglia 2012
2012-05-05 13:07:46 The BMW 328 won the Mille Miglia in 1940 overall, and it is entering 12 of the cars into the 2...
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Hans-Joachim Stuck Driving Special 356 in Mille Miglia
2013-04-29 12:36:16 Porsche will enter five classic cars into the Mille Miglia historic rally. Famous Porsche racer ...
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Mercedes Entering Classic SLs into the 2012 Mille Miglia
2012-04-18 17:24:28 Mercedes-Benz Classic is entering a 1952  300SL into the 2012 Mille Miglia from Ma...
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Jaguar Racing Six Classics in the Mille Miglia
2012-05-16 14:55:08 Jaguar Heritage Racing is hot of its success with a C-Type taking a win i...
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BMW Entered Nine 328s Into Mille Miglia
2013-05-18 18:58:00 BMW entered nine classic 328 models including several of the rare {TOOLTI...
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