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Santorini is one of the most romantic places in the world and the most popular resort of the Cyclades. Its peculiarity is the geological structure, which is due to the activity of an extinct volcano. Especially in the 16th century BC. One of the most powerful eruptions occurred here, flooding some parts of the island and forming a crater.

Many scholars are transported back to the time of ancient Atlantis, when the island of Santorini is mentioned. It has a steep coast on the west and countless beaches (pebble and sand) on the east coast. The marina is in the small village of Athenios, from which you can get to the administrative center of the island called Thera (or Fira). Or you can take a walk, ride a cute donkey or ride the cable car.

The town itself is quite picturesque. It is easy to get lost here and get caught up in the tangle of streets, blocks and arches. For connoisseurs of history and art, we recommend visiting the local museums:

The Archaeological Museum, which has a huge collection of Ferrara vessels from the 7th-6th centuries. Century B.C. Houses of sculpture and portraits from different eras;

The Museum of Prehistoric Fera, which displays finds from excavations in Acrotia dating back to the late Neolithic period and is divided into thematic sections.

Equally lively are the "black" islands of Kamenes, whose name translates as "burned".

However, the ancient Feera is of great archaeological interest. This city was once a haven for Phoenicians and Romans, Dorians and Byzantines. Ancient Ferou is divided into two parts by the "Sacred Road" (or Hiera Odos). And there is plenty to see here: houses and tombs from different eras, theaters and sanctuaries, business centers and ruins of buildings, hot springs and even the house of Ptolemy the Benefactor. The city is surrounded by rocks on which are engraved the names of youth and men in an ancient language - the language of Apollo.


The climate of the island is traditionally Mediterranean. However, in the central and southern parts it can get a little hotter. It rains sometimes in summer and in winter the temperature invites to take long walks around the island even at night. So very for rent Santorini villas.

In May, the weather allows the bathing season to begin. After that, tourists from different countries come to the island, because the temperature in the shade reaches 24-25 degrees and above. In addition, the beaches are not empty until November, when it gets colder and rains more often. Leisure or cultural life on the island

Once you're on the most romantic island in the world, of course, do not want to lie on the beach all the time. Fortunately the rest here is quite diverse: active, beach, sightseeing, etc.

Much attention is paid to infrastructure development on the island. Here you will find countless different restaurants and cafes with local cuisine, nightclubs with loud music, sports centers with offers for professional surfers and beginners in the area.

Honeymooners who dream of an unforgettable honeymoon come to the island very often. Weddings in Santorini are also not uncommon, because choosing a place for the ceremony is quite easy - almost every corner of the island is saturated with tenderness and romance. For example, during your wedding, you can admire a beautiful view of the sea or even an extinct volcano.


The breathtaking island of Santorini is famous for more than just its beautiful nature. Don't miss the opportunity to explore every corner of the place and see its attractions.

Start in the center of Fira and head to one of the most important complexes in Greece, Cape Akrotiri. Ancient ruins from the Minoan period have been discovered here. As noted by archaeologists, this city suffered in 1500 BC. Under the eruption of the volcano.

After excavating prehistoric "Pompeii" you could discover the amazing beauty of ancient buildings, craft workshops and even small stores. All the wall paintings, household appliances and other household items were donated to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Climbing to the top of the island of Santorini, you will get to the monastery of Elijah the Prophet. Every year there is a festive fair that you can visit on June 20.

The village of Ia, 11 km from Fira attracts tourists with its unique style. Only here you can enjoy the traditional beauty of stone houses (white and blue), noble mansions in neoclassical style, cozy paved streets and courtyards and a beautiful view of the sea and sunset.

Highlights include:

The village of Imerovigli, from where you can admire the beauty of the island;

The medieval settlement of Pyrgos.

The Atlatis submarine excursion is useful, as it will reveal to you the magical world of the seabed.

Unique cultural monuments, elegant architecture and breathtaking landscapes attract many tourists to Santorini. In addition, the well-developed infrastructure makes such a vacation unforgettable.