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Volvo Wins Global NCAP Award for Pedestrian Protection

The award specifically lauds Volvo's pedestrian airbag

The system deploys an airbag and raises the hood to prevent injury

VolvoVolvoVolvoSweden, 1927 > present49 models
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has received a Global NCAP Innovation Award for the pedestrian airbag in the Volvo V40V40 (modern) Gen.1Volvo V40 (modern) Gen.1Sweden, 2013 > present266 versions
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. Professor Lotta Jakobsson, Volvo's safety specialist, accepted the award at the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Jakobsson also presented a seminar on the pedestrian airbag. 

"The purpose of the world's first airbag for pedestrians is to help protect these vulnerable road users in certain situations when they impact the bonnet and the area around the windscreen, where there may be a risk of serious head injuries," said Jakobsson.

The pedestrian airbag aims to decrease fatalities caused when cars hit pedestrians. While we consider cars today very safe, pedestrian safety as lagged behind. Pedestrians are 25% of traffic fatalities in China, 14% in Europe and 12%in the United States. The most danger comes from head injuries.

The Volvo pedestrian airbag deploys at speeds of up to 35km/h. Seven sensors detect whether the collision is with a pedestrian and, if so, the hood hinges are equipped with explosive bolts that raises it. At the same time, the airbag deploys. It holds the hood up 10cm (4in) and cushions the blow.

"The airbag has a dual function. It raises the bonnet to create distance. Then it helps to cushion the impact by covering the hard parts around the windscreen," said Jakobsson.

When it was tested in 2012, the V40 received the highest score that Euro NCAP had ever given with an 88% pedestrian safety score. It also won five stars from Euro NCAP and Best in Class in the Small Family class.

Volvo's goal is for there to be no injuries or fatalities in a Volvo by 2020.

V40 (modern) Gen.1V40 (modern) Gen.1




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