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Toyota Building a Hydrogen Infrastructure in California with Automakers

It showed the FCV concept for the firs time in the US at CES

Toyota's hydrogen car will launch in 2015

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presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it showed off its FCV hydrogen fuel cell concept for the first time in the US. The concept debuted in mid-2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Toyota plans to have the fuel cell on sale in 2015.

"Fuel cell electric vehicles will be in our future sooner than many people believe, and in much greater numbers than anyone expected,” said Bob Carter, head of sales at Toyota US.

Carter is keeping predicted hydrogen vehicle sales a secret, but the FCV will launch in California first in the US. Carter said that Toyota US had revised its product plans and increased its order.

Toyota has committed to working with other automakers to build a hydrogen infrastructure in California.

"Yes, there are significant challenges. The first is building the vehicle at a reasonable price for many people. The second is doing what we can to help kick-start the construction of convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure. We're doing a good job with both and we will launch in 2015,” said Carter.

The production FCV will have a range of around 300 miles and be able to accelerate to 60mph in about ten seconds. A complete refueling can be done in five minutes. Toyota has said that pricing for the car will be below $100,000, but it has not announced exact pricing.

Source: Autocar





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