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Christopher Bruce2013-03-28 17:32:55

Subaru Balances Green with Speed in New York

Reveals Production Crosstrek Hybrid and WRX Concept

The new WRX Concept barely looks like the Impreza that it is based on

SubaruSubaruSubaruJapan, 1953 > present34 models
1182 photos
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has made its two big reveals at the New York Auto Show - the XV Crosstrek HybridXV Crosstrek HybridSubaru XV Crosstrek HybridJapan, 2013 > present1 photo
and WRX ConceptWRX ConceptSubaru WRX ConceptJapan, 2013 > present17 photos
. It shows the brands simultaneous balance between cleaning up its cars and still having performance credentials. 

WRX Concept                      

The Subaru WRX has built a reputation as an all-weather sports sedan over the past 20 years worldwide. Historically, it was always a sedan, but in the most recent generations, Subaru has sold the car mostly as a hatchback. The new WRX Concept that Subaru is showing in New York indicates that the next generation might go back to its sedan roots but with all-new styling.

The latest generation is very muscular with a large hood scoop and fender flares. While it is still based on the Impreza platform, it is not obvious from the car’s appearance. Weight-cutting features like a carbon fiber roof show the car’s push towards lower weight.

The rear has similar angular styling with a large contrasting diffuser and hard corners around the taillights.

Subaru says that the car is powered by a turbocharged engine with all-wheel drive, as to be expected. It did say when we will see the new WRX on the road, which means sales are probably at least a year away.

XV Crosstrek Hybrid

Subrau’s production reveal for New York is the XV Crosstrek Hybrid.

Despite being a hybrid, the new car will still be all-wheel drive and is basically the same as the standard car. The chassis and suspension had to be changed slightly to take the extra weight of the electric motors and the batteries.

Power comes from a 2.0-liter boxer engine with a 13.4hp electric motor and a CVT gearbox. The electric motor is powered by a 13.5kWh nickel-metal hydride battery located under the rear floor. All of the changes add 300lbs to the car, but it also gives it start/stop with braking regeneration.

Subaru did not reveal the consumption information for the new hybrid powertrain.

When setting off, power comes from the electric motor and the gas engine is started once underway. The electric motor can also provide assistance under hard acceleration.

The battery does cut into the rear cargo area slightly and reduces it to 50.2 cubic feet from 51.9 cubic feet.

The hybrid gets a few extra features over the standard car like extra sound deadening, a new gauge cluster and keyless start.  It is also available in an exclusive color – Plasma Green Pearl, which is shown in the pictures.

Sales of the Crosstrek Hybrid will begin in the fourth quarter of 2013. 

Impreza 4Impreza 4
WRX ConceptWRX Concept
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