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Skoda Planning to Add SUVs to Its Range to Take on China

It will have a seven passenger SUV and compact crossover.

The Yeti has been a huge sales success for Skoda

The crossover market is one of the fastest growing vehicle segments in the world, and SkodaSkodaSkodaCzech Rep., 1895 > present57 models
2557 photos
7 videos
wants to get in on the growth with a seven-seat SUV and compact crossover based on the CitigoCitigo Gen.1Skoda Citigo Gen.1Czech Rep., 2011 > present52 versions
88 photos
1 video
. The inspiration is based on the success of the YetiYeti Gen.1Skoda Yeti Gen.1Czech Rep., 2009 > present189 versions
219 photos
1 video
, which has sold better each year since being introduced in 2009.

“A seven-seater is the most logical route from our customers’ point of view. If we do SUVs, they should be typical Skodas, with lots of space. In this respect a 5+2 layout works perfectly,” said Skoda head of development Dr. Frank Welsch.

The new SUVs are still years off, but Skoda believes that it would sell especially well in China.  

The new Yeti will get two versions when it goes on sale in 2016. The Outdoor version would have extra protective body cladding, and the City model would have drop all of the extra plastic for a sleeker look.

Skoda will also get its own version of the VW UpUp! Gen.1Volkswagen Up! Gen.1Germany, 2011 > present107 versions
290 photos
2 videos
-based TaigunTaigunVolkswagen TaigunGermany, 2013 > 20136 photos

“For now we need roomy cars first, so we are focusing on this bigger Yeti. That doesn’t mean there’s less room for a small SUV, though. We are a member of the VW Group and can take it, but let’s wait and see,” said Dr. Welsch.

Source: Auto Express

Citigo Gen.1Citigo Gen.1




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