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autoviva2014-08-27 13:02:12

Renault reveals new racing car

New R.S. 01 marks a new phase of the Renault Sport Trophy

The Renault Sport RS 01 has a prominent diamond that dominates the front of the vehicle

RenaultRenaultRenaultFrance, 1898 > present189 models
6115 photos
17 videos
has just unveiled their new racing car: the RS 01R.S. 01Renault R.S. 01France, 2014 > present6 photos
1 video
. With a design deeply inspired in prototypes, the new car features a radical image and a high performance signature from Renault Sport.

“Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a racing car of extraordinary design, symbolizing Renault’s passion for motor sports. The spectacular design lines reflect in themselves the ambitions of this exceptional car, thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of Laurens van den Acker and his team. Under the bodywork, it is packed with cutting-edge systems from Renault Sport Technologies. The aim is to achieve an advanced level of performance, delivering thrills for both the driver and the public," refers Patrice Ratti, Director-General of Renault Sport Technologies.


The shapes of the new RS 01, including the smallest details were designed to meet two goals: to make a 01 RS Renault Sport Renault brand icon and get the best performance on the track, through the search for greater aerodynamic efficiency.

Like all Renault models designed under the direction of Laurens van den Acker, Renault Sport RS 01 has a prominent diamond that dominates the front of the vehicle. With a width of 2000 mm, 1116 mm tall, the fascia is enhanced by the daytime running lights LED, which extend along the brake cooling air inlets.
The front grille transports air through the chassis to the two radiators and water, ending up being expelled by the two extractors placed on the bonnet. This allows airflow to increase support of the car up front. The blade of the lower splitter and the flat bottom complete the aerodynamic structure on the front. The two flaps situated on either side of the bumper generate vortices that limit turbulence generated by the rotation of the wheels.
The air channeled by the lower splitter goes through the extractor  through positioned behind the front wheels and follows along the door, feeding the temperature heat exchangers and allowing the cooling of the turbocharger.

Besides the adjustable spoiler, the rear diffuser helps to increase grip of the Renault Sport RS 01 on track. This device has the great advantage of not causing drag and, therefore, doesn't penalize the maximum speed. The rear of the Renault Sport RS 01 is also marked by the dual exhaust and the LED lights which extend across the width of the vehicle.


The RS 01 is equipped with a 3.8L V6 biturbo engine developed by Nismo, originated in the Nissan GT-R. The turbo pressure has been adapted for an output higher than 500hp and a maximum torque of 600Nm. With these performances the Renault Sport RS 01 is positioned between the GT3 and the DTM models. The engine was combined with a 7-speed gearbox provided by Sadev. Sequential commands are activated by paddles on the steering wheel and managed by an electromagnetic activator XAP.


Just like Formula Renault 3.5, Dallara was in charge of the study and manufacture of the chassis. The structure that includes the reservoir 150 liter fuel receives a steel roll-bar. At the front, the deformable structure absorbs energy in the event of impact, while its design makes more effective the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The entire assembly is designed to provide a high level of security and complies to FIA LMP1 standards in 2014.

Season 2015

The new RS 01 will appear in the main single-brand trophy from Renault in 2015, the Renault Sport Trophy. The vehicle will evolve in this series, integrated in the World Series by Renault. This championship will create a new row of riders to the "Pro-Am" teams and will serve as a bridge for the GT, DTM, ELMS and WEC championships.

In addition to the generous bonuses that reward the best drivers and the best teams in each race, at the end of the season, the champion of the "Pro" category will be entitled to a full program (simulator, fitness, media training ...) of "rookie test" with the official Nismo team on the Super GT championship in Japan. The "Am" champion will also receive a very interesting prize, with the guarantee of driving a LMP2 prototype in 2016, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

R.S. 01R.S. 01
V 6
232 cu in
Top Speed
7, sequential manual
Maximum power
500 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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