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Newey Wants Raised F1 Minimum Weights for Tall Drivers

Ricciardo Asked to Lose Weight for Next Season

Red Bull has told Ricciado to lose a minimum of 2kg before next season

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is urging Formula One teams to agree to to raise the minimum weight limit for the cars to 700kg (1543lb), a 10kg (22lb) increase, to allow for the weight of taller drivers. The change will already be made for the 2015 season, but Newey wants to implement it a year earlier. As things are currently, the team has asked Daniel Ricciardo to lose weight to next season.

To make the change, all of the teams would have to agree, but at the moment one team is resisting.

Red Bull plans to bring the topic up again at next week’s F1 Strategy Group meeting.

"All teams bar one did vote for that weight limit to be increased and it has to be unanimous - but there was one team that objected to it,” said Adrian Newey, technical director.

Red Bull has told Ricciardo to lose at least 2kg (4.4lb) for next season, and teams have reported that Nico Hulkenberg and Jenson Button have also been asked to lose weight.

Newey claims that the powertrains next season are relatively heavy due to the turbo plumbing and two hybrid systems, and this has made it difficult to build a car that hits the minimum weight for teams with tall drivers.

Source: Autosport

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