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autoviva2014-09-04 12:22:45

New generation Mazda MX-5 unveiled

25 years later the model continues to keep the DNA that made it an icon

Among the novelties of the new generation are a new rear-drive chassis in addition to two new SkyActiv petrol engines

MazdaMazdaMazdaJapan, 1920 > present80 models
2338 photos
7 videos
has just brought the fourth generation of the model that holds the Record Guinness Record for the best-selling two-seats sports car: the MX-5. 25 years after its debut at the Chicago Motor Show (USA) on February 9, 1989, Mazda rebuilt from scratch the new model without ever setting aside the roots that made the MX-5 an icon of the global automotive industry.

Among the novelties of the new generation are a new rear-drive chassis, which will be shared with a new roadster from Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoAlfa RomeoItaly, 1910 > present108 models
2261 photos
7 videos
, in addition to two new SkyActiv petrol engines.

Mazda describes this fourth-generation MX-5 as "a return to the original goals of the model while maintaining the fundamental pleasure of driving a light, sporty and convertible automobile, a product that serves the current needs."

Unlike what happened in previous generations, the new MX-5 is smaller and lighter than the car it replaces. Mazda indicates that the weight reduction is located around 100kg, which means that the vehicle will weigh just over a ton. This reduction was made ​​possible thanks to the Skyactiv technology used on the chassis and the use of aluminum in the hood, the trunk and the front wings. The soft-top also uses a lighter structure.

In terms of dimensions, the new MX-5 is smaller than the third generation. The vehicle is 105 mm shorter with a wheelbase 15mm shorter. The model is also 20mm lower and 10mm wider.

Engines and suspension

So far Mazda only confirmed the launch of a new SkyActiv engine for the new generation MX-5. However it is possible that two new gasoline direct injection 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter will be used. These engines output should be around 140 and 180hp, respectively.

Mazda invested in improving driving pleasure and kept the front suspension double wishbone and rear multi-link. However in the new generation the engine is placed lower and more to the back, allowing to lower the center of gravity. The new MX-5 now has an almost perfect 50:50 weight balance.


Under the direction of Ikuo Maeda, the design of the new MX-5 was developed in the Japanese headquarters of Mazda. According to the brand the new model is a new interpretation of the Kodo language, but this time with a more simple and sculpted look than the latest Mazda models.

The interior continues to follow the philosophy of previous MX-5s. The vehicle continues to be a two-seater with a manual roof which can be placed with only one hand. Despite the driver continues to have a low position in the car, Mazda claims that the visibility has been improved since the hood was lowered and the A-pillars and windscreen frames are narrower.

As in previous models the car's interior has few buttons and is easy to use. The new feature is the infotainment system screen, derived from the Mazda3Mazda 3 Gen.3Mazda Mazda 3 Gen.3Japan, 2013 > present57 versions
95 photos
. Like other Mazda models it is controlled by a rotary control placed adjacent to the conventional hand brake.

There was also an improvement in terms of cabin with the use of higher quality materials and more storage space. Besides, Mazda claims that it managed to improve passenger comfort in open-top driving.

The new Mazda MX-5 will reach the market in 2015.





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