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autoviva2014-10-23 11:47:45

McLaren unveils interior of the P1 GTR

Brand confirmed exclusive driver program for the new racing car

McLaren has been testing the most recent developments in international circuits

McLarenMcLarenMcLarenUnited Kingdom, 1963 > present92 models
1883 photos
12 videos
is continuing to develop the new P1 GTRP1 GTR ConceptMcLaren P1 GTR ConceptUnited Kingdom, 2015 > 2015 and has just revealed the first images of the interior of the vehicle, a more specific cockpit for competition. The British brand has also confirmed that it has created a specific driver program for the racing supercar.


The interior of the new P1 GTR is designed around the needs and interactions of the driver, in addition to a focus on weight reduction without compromising comfort or safety.

The vehicle retains the same lightweight carbon fiber MonoCage chassis from the road carP1McLaren P1United Kingdom, 2013 > present26 photos
and weighs 90kg, including the upper and lower structures, roof snorkel, engine air intake, battery and the electronic system.

The centerpiece of the interior of the P1 GTR is the newly developed steering wheel, designed to make all controls more acessible and user-friendly as possible. The design is inspired by the steering wheel of the MP4-23MP4-23 MercedesMcLaren MP4-23 MercedesUnited Kingdom, 2008 > present2 photos
who won the Formula 1 title in 2008.

Like in Formula 1 the main controls, including buttons of driving modes, are located in the center of the steering wheel, which allows the driver to adjust set up and characteristics of the car without taking hands off the wheel. The DRS and IPAS buttons also remain on the steering wheel.

The P1 GTR also includes lightweight DTM-style seats with six-point harnesses. Each seat will be configured specifically for each driver and mounted directly to the chassis. Despite the elimination of much of the interior regarding the road model, the P1 GTR maintains the air-conditioning to keep comfort in physical driving times.

Testing continues

Meanwhile the P1 GTR continues its testing program in several international circuits and in the first official images without camouflage is possible to find some changes in terms of aerodynamics and cooling.

Recently, McLaren made tests in the desert heat, at the Bahrain International Circuit. The test program was prepared to push the motor capacities, ensure optimization of the characteristics of balance and handling with slick tires from Pirelli. Furthermore the latest aerodynamic developments were analyzed, including the rear wing, with the DRS system.

According to McLaren, the tests met or in some cases exceeded expectations, allowing to move forward in the development of the P1 GTR and to prepare the next tests scheduled for winter in Europe.

Exclusive Driver Program

Considering the P1 GTR, like no other model ever produced, McLaren decided to prepare a unique driver program. After joining the team drivers will have privileged access to the McLaren Technology Centre.

Like other drivers and former world champions, each rider will start a program created specifically for him with the aim to improve and optimize their driving skills and learn to make the most of their abilities and the car.

P1 Gen.1P1 Gen.1
P1 GTR ConceptP1 GTR Concept
V 8 (90.0º vee)
232 cu in
Top Speed
255 mph
7, Double Clutch
Maximum power
986 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Petrol / Electric
Fuel consumption (combined)
28.34 US MPG
$ 3.225.420
* based on United Kingdom prices
annual ownership cost




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