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autoviva2011-01-27 12:19:12

Mazda to Lease EVs in Japan

Mazda to Lease EVs in Japan

From spring 2012 Mazda should start leasing in Japan the first electric vehicles (EV) that the brand is independently developing. Based on the Demio subcompact, this new electric vehicle is expected have a range of 200 km. The goal is to lease these vehicles mainly to government bodies and fleet customers.

Mazda is continuing its research and development of electric vehicles and technology than can be used by city customers, adapting to their lifestyles. Mazda is hoping that this lease programme will handle it more knowledge of EV usage requirements and electric drive technologies.

While investigating on EV Mazda continues to work on its Building Block Strategy, which focuses on the improvement of the existing technologies by developing more efficient engines and transmissions and reducing vehicle weight. The first results of that strategy will be arriving to the markets this year with Mazda’s new eco-friendly SKYACTIV technologies.

As Mazda sees internal combustion engine as the “heart of the automobile for the near future”, the brand expects to continue the development of the technologies that have the internal combustion as core element.

Still the brand wants to further explore and advance on various future eco-friendly technologies so that Mazda can offer their customers cars that are pleasurable to drive, eco-friendly and safe.

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