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Christopher Bruce2012-11-07 15:12:42

Mazda Sports Car Boss Says RX-7 Will Return in 2017

Mazda pushed the concept of rotary engines, especially with the RX-7


According to Mazda's head of sports car development Nobuhiro Yamamoto, MazdaMazdaMazdaJapan, 1920 > present80 models
2337 photos
7 videos
plans to build a new RX-7RX-7 Gen.3Mazda RX-7 Gen.3Japan, 1992 > 20026 versions
2 photos
in 2017 that will be lighter and more dynamic than the RX-8RX-8 Gen.2Mazda RX-8 Gen.2Japan, 2009 > present4 versions
7 photos
ever was. 

Yamamoto is staying tight-lipped about the car for now. In response to whether the car would be a turbo he said: "At this time it has not been determined. Maybe later in life it will be turbo, but to start with maybe not."

The car will likely use Mazda's 16X rotary with direct injection and a restrictive catalytic converter to meet international emissions standards. It still produces 300ps. The engine is a 1.6-liter rotary, which is 300cc larger than the 1.3-liter rotaries that Mazda has used since the early 80s. 

Yamamoto says that he is aiming for the car to weigh about 1250kg to take on the Toyota 86GT 86 Gen.1Toyota GT 86 Gen.1Japan, 2012 > present14 versions
33 photos
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. Prices will be kept down by using the next generation MX-5 Miata'sMX-5 Gen.3 [NC]Mazda MX-5 Gen.3 [NC]Japan, 2006 > 201449 versions
272 photos
3 videos

Production of the RX-7 ended in Japan in 2002, but US imports ended in 1995. 

Yamamoto was also responsible for engineering the third generation RX-7, and Le Mans-winning 787B's787BMazda 787BJapan, 1991 > present2 photos
1 video
rotary engine. 

While it is easy to believe that Yamamoto wants to build a new RX-7, it is really hard to believe that this is really going to happen. In a world where fuel economy and emissions are becoming increasingly important, does the world still want an engine that burns oil by design? And while Mazda is just starting to market its Skyactiv technologies to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, will it want to produce a car that is the complete opposite of that ethos and will make relatively little profit?

The RX-7 was undoubtedly a great car, but it might be the icon of a bygone era. 

Source: The Motor Report

RX-7 Gen.3RX-7 Gen.3




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