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autoviva2015-10-28 18:18:37

Mazda RX-Vision brings back rotary engines

Concept unveiled in Tokyo should be the base of a new model for 2017

The RX-Vision is Mazda's vision of the design of a range-topping sports car with rotary engine
MazdaMazdaMazdaJapan, 1920 > present80 models
2338 photos
7 videos
brought to this year's Tokyo Motor Show a new concept that marks the return of rotary engines to the company. The RX-VisionRX-VisionMazda RX-VisionJapan, 2015 > 20153 photos
is a preview of a future sports model to be launched in 2017 and will be equipped with the new generation of rotary engines of the Japanese brand.
The new model will be called RX-7 will be front-engined, be rear-wheel driven and the production version will be unveiled at the 2017 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show. On that date the Mazda may celebrate in style the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first sports car equipped with a rotary engine.
The RX-Vision is Mazda's vision of the design of a range-topping sports car with rotary engine. Despite admitting that much work remains, the Japanese brand ensures it will continue the commitment to bring back the rotary engines.
Fitted under the bonnet RX-Vision is the new SkyActiv-R, a new-generation rotary engine, which according to Mazda provides solutions for three of the main problems of previous rotary engines: fuel consumption, emissions and reliability. However the brand did not disclose the engine's technical data.
The RX-Vision has dimensions similar to those of the F-Type JaguarF-Type (modern) Gen.1Jaguar F-Type (modern) Gen.1United Kingdom, 2012 > present34 versions
104 photos
3 videos
, 4389mm long and 1925mm wide. However the height is significantly lower thanks to smaller dimensions of the rotary engine, at 1160mm. The wheelbase is 2700mm long.
For the construction of the RX-Vision, Mazda used a unique rear-wheel platform. Should it ever hit the market the RX-7 will be smaller than the concept in order to compete directly with the Porsche CaymanCayman Gen.2 [981]Porsche Cayman Gen.2 [981]Germany, 2012 > present9 versions
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