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Christopher Bruce2013-01-29 18:33:18

Mazda Forecasting First Profit in Europe in Five Years for 2013

Success propelled by CX-5 and new Mazda 6

Mazda gives credit to the CX-5 and Mazda 6 for its improving sales

MazdaMazdaMazdaJapan, 1920 > present80 models
2337 photos
7 videos
is anticipating a very good year in Europe for 2013. In fact, it is predicting its first profitable year in the last five years in Europe. It is predicting a €250 million profit for the year. The turnaround is mostly due to attractive new product from the Japanese brand. 

From early success of the CX-5CX-5 Gen.1Mazda CX-5 Gen.1Japan, 2012 > present39 versions
63 photos
crossover and new Mazda 66 Gen.3Mazda 6 Gen.3Japan, 2012 > present77 versions
110 photos
, the brand foresees both being good sellers in Europe. Mazda's European CEO Phil Waring says that the CX-5 is selling about four times better than it had originally predicted. The Mazda 6 just launched in January but already appears to be doing well. 

"At our lowest point, we have been looking at losses close to €1bn a year, but the good news is that we expect to turn that around to close to a €250m profit this year," said Waring. 

Mazda is owing the success to its SkyActiv technology that combines more efficient engines, new transmissions, lighter vehicle weight and new technology to increase fuel economy and lower emissions. 

The next new Mazda will be a new generation Mazda 33Mazda 3Japan, 2003 > present3 series
176 versions
306 photos
that we should see later this year. Mazda and Alfa Romeo just signed off on the platform for the next MX-5MX-5Mazda MX-5Japan, 1989 > present4 series
80 versions
377 photos
4 videos
, and we may see the first concepts for the new car before production begins in 2015. 

Source: Autocar

CX-5 Gen.1CX-5 Gen.1




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