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Christopher Bruce2012-06-27 16:24:50

Lancia Flavia Convertible Is the Least Cool Car Made Today

The one thing it offers is the ability to hold four adults

Has any still-existing auto brand fallen has far as LanciaLanciaLanciaItaly, 1906 > present60 models
774 photos
4 videos
. The brand invented the V6 engine, the first purpose-built rally car (the StratosDelta S4Lancia Delta S4Italy, 1985 > present2 photos
) and dominated rallying in the 80s. Today, it is a brand for rebadged ChryslersChryslerChryslerUnited States of America, 1925 > present70 models
879 photos
1 video
in Europe. The brand's latest model is a contender for the least cool car made today. Lancia calls it the FlaviaFlavia 2.4Lancia Flavia 2.4Italy, 2011 > 201118 photos
, but it is built in Michigan and is identical to the Chrysler 200 Convertible200 Convertible 2.4 I-4Chrysler 200 Convertible ...United States of America, 2011 > present3 photos

The two cars look identical with the exception of the Lancia badges on the hood, trunk and steering wheel. It will hold four adults easily with a 276cm wheelbase and 4.9m total length. The main difference is that the Flavia comes standard with 18in wheels, but the Chrysler 200 comes standard with 17in wheels. 

The Flavia only gets the Chrysler 200s base engine, which is a 2.4 liter four-cylinder with 170hp and 162lb-ft of torque with a six-speed automatic. The American version actually has 173hp and 166lb-ft of torque with the same engine. The Flavia will also not get the 3.6 liter V6 that is offered in the US.

The problem with this car is that it is so boring. It is the vehicular equivalent to dry pasta. There is nothing really wrong with it, but if I'm hungry, it probably will not be enough. What European consumers are looking around at all of their options and decide that they want the Chrysler with the Lancia badge glued on?

The other rebadged Chryslers in Lancia's lineup are the VoyagerVoyagerLancia VoyagerItaly, 2011 > present5 versions
4 photos
and ThemaLancia Thema Gen.2Lancia Lancia Thema Gen.2Italy, 2011 > present9 versions
12 photos
, which is a Chrysler 300300 (modern) Gen.2Chrysler 300 (modern) Gen.2United States of America, 2011 > present12 versions
46 photos
in the US. 

Fiat either needs to kill Lancia as a brand to put it out of its last 20 years of misery or turn it into something new. 

Flavia (Modern) Gen.1Flavia (Modern) Gen.1
Flavia 2.4Flavia 2.4
Straight 4
146 cu in
Top Speed
121 mph
6, Automatic
Maximum power
170 hp @ 6000 rpm
Convertible (cabrio)
Fuel consumption (combined)
25.02 US MPG
$ 71.916
* based on Portugal prices
annual ownership cost
$ 1.318




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