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autoviva2015-09-11 18:13:29

Jaguar Land Rover shows new electric technology

Three concepts serve to show the technological advances achieved by the company

This research started in 2013 and will be the basis to create the next generation of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
In recent years JaguarJaguarJaguarUnited Kingdom, 1922 > present53 models
2188 photos
16 videos
Land RoverLand RoverLand RoverUnited Kingdom, 1978 > present15 models
1787 photos
9 videos
has made a major investment in research in alternative forms of propulsion for vehicles with the goal of reducing carbon emissions. The company presented at the CENEX the latest technologies for zero emission engines and low emissions through two concepts based on the EvoqueRange Rover EvoqueLand Rover Range Rover EvoqueUnited Kingdom, 2011 > present140 versions
206 photos
2 videos
and Range Rover SportRange Rover Sport Gen.2Land Rover Range Rover Sport Gen.2United Kingdom, 2013 > present36 versions
62 photos
, besides a concept of an electrical platform.
Through three "Concept_e" developed internally, Jaguar Land Rover introduced the new technology of high performance based on Module eDM Electric Drive (eDrive Module). According to this new system now has the ability to develop twice the power and torque of any electric motor currently in production. This research started in 2013 and will be the basis to create the next generation of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
Led by Jaguar Land Rover, this research project with two years of duration, has offered 16.3 million pounds in part by the UK's Innovation Agency and has 12 UK technology partners.
"This is a long term research of Jaguar Land Rover, a project that explores all aspects of the future of hybrid models and electric vehicles. The three "Concept_e" will allow us to develop and test new and potential technology solutions that will integrate our vision of zero emission vehicles and reduced emissions in 2020", said Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology of Jaguar Land Rover.
There were three "Concept_e"Land Rover Concept_eUnited Kingdom, 2015 > 20153 versions
included in the presentation. The first is a conventional hybrid, ie not plug-in, and is called Concept_e MHEVLand Rover Concept_e MHEVUnited Kingdom, 2015 > 2015. Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conventional) which is based on the Range Rover Evoque. It has a concept diesel engine (90hp) and a 48V electrical system. Incorporates a 15kW  engine on the crankshaft within a hybrid module with coupling clutch interposed between the internal combustion engine and a nine-speed gearbox. The motor-generator is powered by an advanced electrical system of 48 volts and a set of lithium-ion batteries of 48 volts.
With an architecture similar to MHEV, but as Hybrid Plug-in, we have the Concept_e PHEVLand Rover Concept_e PHEVUnited Kingdom, 2015 > 2015. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Plug-In). This vehicle uses an concept petrol engine (300cv) and an eight-speed gearbox, both mounted longitudinally in a Range Rover Sport. The electric motor develops up to 150kW and also performs the starter function. The engine is powered by a 320 volts lithium ion battery installed in the trunk. The hybrid system transmits power and torque through the conventional automatic gearbox of the Range Rover Sport and the permanent all-wheel drive system as standard.
Finally the Concept_e BEVLand Rover Concept_e BEVUnited Kingdom, 2015 > 2015 Battery Electric Vehicle (Electric Vehicle Battery) serves to exemplify an investigation based in the aluminium architecture developed by Jaguar Land Rover. The vehicle body floor was changed for the installation of a system of 70kWh lithium-ion batteries and high-voltage electric drive units (EAD). The front unit has a one-speed gearbox coupled to an electric motor of 85kW. The rear unit has a two-speed gearbox with an electric motor of 145 kW.
Land RoverLand Rover


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