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Chris Bruce2012-02-02 17:37:39

Huet HB Coupe is a Modern, Boutique Sports Car with Everyday Economy

Huet HB Coupe is a Modern, Boutique Sports Car with Everyday Economy

Huet Brothers is a small concern in the Netherlands that makes luxury watches and the occasional boutique sports car. It just revealed its newest design that blends retro styling with excellent fuel economy for a car of this type. 

The Huet HB Coupe that mixes some Aston Martin and Jaguar designs from the 60s with a little modern sports car flair. It was designed by Tino Huet.

Right now, Huet Brothers is showing two variations of the HB Coupe. The standard Coupe uses a carbon fiber monocoque with either a 2.0 liter diesel four-cylinder engine with 204bhp and 400Nm or a 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine with 306bhp and 400Nm. Both engines come with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual clutch transmission with power going to the rear wheels. The diesel is available with a six-speed automatic. All of Huet's powertrains come from BMW. Huet quotes a 0-100km/h time of 5.6 seconds for the diesel and 4.3 seconds for the petrol engine with a top speed of 250km/h for both models. The diesel weighs 1121kg and the petrol car weighs 1159kg. 

The other option is the HB Coupe RR that cuts weight and adds power. It is available in three engine tunes. The same 2.0 liter diesel is rated at 220bhp in the RR, and the 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine gets two power levels: either 306bhp or 330bhp. Top speed remains the same 250km/h across the board, but 0-100km/h times drop to 5.3 seconds for the diesel, 4 seconds for the 306bhp Coupe RR and 3.8 seconds for the 330bhp version. It does not hurt that the RR weighs about 70kg less than the regular car. The RR is available with the same transmissions as the Coupe. 

The company has not given fuel economy figures for each model, but it is claiming a usage of 3.8l/100km of diesel for the 204hp Coupe. 

In the gallery you can see what a theoretical racing version would look like. 

Huet predicts that they can make about 40 HB Coupes a year. However, according to Tino Huet, the company needs a minimum of 40 preorders to make the car viable to build.

"If 40 pre-orders are not met we can't really finance the project and it will be doomed to die," said Huet via e-mail. 

Pricing starts at €70k for the standard diesel Coupe and goes up to €85k for the 330bhp Coupe RR. Those prices are without tax or options. If it goes into production, the first models would be delivered in 2014. 

Huet Brothers created a short video advertising the car that you can watch below. 

Huet BrothersHuet Brothers
HB CoupeHB Coupe
HB CoupeHB Coupe
Straight 4
122 cu in
Top Speed
155 mph
6, Manual
Maximum power
306 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
61.89 US MPG
annual ownership cost
$ 584


Woah, that actually looks pretty nice and sporty. I thought it was gonna be like a carrot or something....
02.02.2012 @ 16:09
Actually, I like it a lot.
04.02.2012 @ 16:48


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