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Huet Brothers Are Ready to Debut Cars in 2014

While there have been some changes since the original plan, the basic idea has stayed

The Huet BrothersHuet BrothersHuet BrothersNetherlands, 2002 > present1 model
17 photos
have not produced a single car yet, but they have moved past the concept stage of their business. When we first looked at the company, it was looking for 40 reservations to make sure that the company could survive. Now the company is officially taking orders for its HB CoupeHB CoupeHuet Brothers HB CoupeNetherlands, 2012 > present11 versions
15 photos
. Deliveries will begin in 2014.

The car is meant to look like a sports car from the late-50s but with modern running gear. It is made from a carbon fiber monocoque and uses a 2.0-liter petrol four cylinder with 170hp and six-speed manual with a limited slip differential. While that seems insufficient in the modern world, the HB Coupe weighs just 800kg. It accelerates to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds. 

There is another power option that is a Cosworth tuned version of the 2.0-liter engine with 255hp. It uses the same six-speed manual and limited-slip differential. Acceleration is a second faster than the other version to 100km/h. 

All cars come standard with black or cream leather, heated seats, touchscreen infotainment system and heated windows. In terms of safety, all cars have a roll cage, ABS and air bags. The options are a wood, aluminum or carbon dashboard, metallic paint and stripes.

The 170hp version starts at €67,800 and the 255hp starts at €78,500. 

Huet HB Coupe is a Modern, Boutique Sports Car with Everyday Economy

The stars of the 2012 Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is one of the most important car shows in the world.

Autoviva has gathered for you all the models that will be showing up in the French capital.

Citroën DS3 Cabrio

It had long been announced as one of the novelties for the Citroën lineup in Paris. Now the French brand has unveiled the first images and information about the DS3 Cabrio that is the first convertible model on the DS Line.

Peugeot 208 GTi

The 208 GTi is the sporty version of the recently launched 208 and is bringing back the myth of the GTi's to Peugeot. Power comes from a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with 200hp and 275Nm of torque. Acceleration to 100km/h comes up in less than 7 seconds. Still because of the car’s relatively low 1160kg weight, it emits 145g/km of CO2.

Peugeot 208 XY

The 208 XY is meant to be the 208 for buyers who want technology and luxury. It gets a new dark purple color called Purple Night. When specified in this new color, the Peugeot logo and wheel caps are also accented in it. The 208 XY will be available with five engines, three of which produce less than 100g/km of CO2.

Fiat Panda 4x4

Continuing a 30-year-old tradition Fiat is back with its Panda 4x4. It is obviously based on the new Panda and shares the same basic dimensions. To set the car apart other than its taller ride height, Fiat added new front and rear bumpers with aluminum trim and underbody protection. It uses a an all-wheel drive system with an electronic locking differential.

Cadillac ATS

The ATS is Cadillac's new contender in the biggest-selling segment of the premium class. According to the brand the ATS is quick, nimble and great fun to drive and should appeal to buyers who appreciate a car with superb handling qualities. The ATS uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 276hp and accelerates to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Chevrolet Trax

The Trax is the cheaper European platform-mate to the Opel Mokka and the American Buick Encore. At the moment, though, the Trax will be a European-only vehicle. The Trax will have three engines available at launch.Like the Mokka, the Trax will have available on-demand all-wheel drive.


the Opel Adam is the German brand's new compact city car that is meant to compete with the Fiat 500 or the MINI. The style of the car matches its philosophy. It is small but quite stylish for a three-door hatchback.  It is 3.7m long and 1.72m wide. The roof is meant to look like it is floating above the car. Personalization will be one of its most important features

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type will make its public in Paris. The fully aluminum, two-seat sports car will be available with three engines: two tunes of Jaguar's new 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with either 340ps or 380ps and a supercharged 5.0-liter V8. All versions of the car will be rear-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic transmission with stop/start tech.

Toyota Auris

Toyota is revealing the new Auris at the Paris Motor Show. The new Auris will be offered with a hybrid, 1.4-liter diesel, 1.33-liter petrol and 1.6-liter petrol engine options. Toyota expects that sales will be split equally among the hybrid, diesel and petrol engines. The new car is 30mm longer but 55mm lower than the previous model. The exterior design is sharper and more modern than the previous generation.

Skoda Rapid

The Rapid is the first Skoda to wear the brand's new design language. It is clean and modern with flat surfaces and deep creases. It has a new chrome-outlined grill and a rounded hood that bends over the front of the car. The Rapid is based on the MissionL it rides on the same platform as the Volkswagen Vento that VW sells in India and will fit between the Fabia and the Octavia.

Renault Clio

The new generation has sleeker styling and a wider range of available engines and technology. The new Clio has a pointier nose, larger headlights and the handle for the fifth door is hidden in the C-pillar. The lower parts of the headlights have LED running lights. Renault plans to sell the Clio only as a five-door. It will be available with three engines at launch, two of which are new.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

The CLS Shooting Brake takes the four-door coupe lines of the current CLS and extends them into a wagon. The car looks taut, fast and beautiful. The hood is rather long with frameless windows. Mercedes calls the wagon a sports car with five seats. Power comes from four available engine options. The car has a very luxurious interior with available wood trim and wood luggage compartment floor.

Audi R8

Audi is debuting in Paris the refreshed R8 with several new standard features including LED headlights and a new seven-speed DSG transmission. It also has a new top model - the R8 V10 Plus with 550hp available only as a coupe. In Paris Audi should also unveil the production version of the R8 e-tron.

Seat Toledo

Seat is ready to unveil the new Toledo. While it appears to be a sedan, it is actually a notchback with a fully opening rear cargo area. The new car has a 80mm longer wheelbase, 550l of cargo space with the rear seats up and VW AG's newest engines. The new car weighs 1140kg. The new Toledo will be available with 75hp, 85hp and 122hp petrol engines and a 105hp diesel.

Peugeot 301

Peugeot has a new four-door sedan for the world market - the 301. Peugeot says that it designed the car to appeal to consumers around the world and predicts that it will eventually become the brand's best selling car. It will debut in Paris and will go on sale on November 1 in Turkey and later in Eastern Europe, Russia, Greece, Middle East, African States and Latin America.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4

In Paris Porsche will be showing for the first time the 911 Carrera 4, the four-wheel drive version of the sports car. Mechanically, the standard Carrera and Carrera 4 are quite similar. Most of the body design, suspension, engines and transmissions are identical between the two variants, except for the 22mm rear track widening.

Seat Leon

The new generation of the Seat Leon is here and rides on Volkswagen’s new MQB platform. The new Leon is smaller outside, but has a larger interior. Seat also says that it improved the level of materials used on the inside. It is 4.26m long, which is 5cm shorter than the previous car. The engines will be between 1.2 liters and 2.0 liters with both diesels and petrol options.

MINI John Cooper Works GP

The new MINI Cooper John Cooper Works GP will debut at the Paris Motor Show and also be limited to a scant 2000 units worldwide. The new car comes with 218hp from the new turbocharged engine and only comes with a six-speed manual transmission. The GP accelerates to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds and has a top speed of 242km/h.

Mazda 6 Wagon

The Mazda6 Wagon is debuting in Paris with the same front end design as the sedan. In Europe, the wagon like the sedan will be available with three engines - a 2.2-liter diesel, 2.0-liter petrol and 2.5-liter petrol. Both cars will use Mazda's i-ELOOP regenerative braking system and stop/start.

Fiat Panda Natural Power

Fiat is launching in Paris the new Panda Natural Power. Equipped with the newly developed, 80 hp two-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Natural Power engine, the new Panda offers CO2 emissions of 86 g/km and a fuel consumption of 3.1 kg/100 km in the combined cycle. Both values refer to driving in natural gas mode.

Opel Cascada

Opel has a second reveal planned for the Paris Motor Show other than the Adam city car. The new four-seat, soft top convertible is called the Cascada after the Spanish word for waterfall. The car is a 4.7m long, mid-size sedan. The top can be opened at up to 50km/h. The new car uses chassis and suspension elements from the Insignia and Astra GTC.

Audi RS5 Cabriolet

Audi is presenting the RS5 Cabriolet. The car is pretty simple really. Audi took its RS5 and added a cloth convertible top. It uses a 4.2-liter V8 that produces 450hp and 430Nm of torque.The top is made from fabric that opens in 15 seconds and closes in 17 seconds and can be operated at up to 50km/h. The interior of the RS5 Cabriolet is identical to the standard car.

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover has introduced a new, fourth generation Range Rover that has been designed in England and will be built there. The truck cuts 430kg off the weight of the current generation. Much of that weight loss comes from a brand new aluminum monocoque. The new generation will be adding a new diesel hybrid version to the model in 2013.


Peugeot Onyx

The Onyx is a concept supercar that uses a 3.7-liter diesel V8 with a hybrid powertrain. The Onyx is made from what Peugeot calls Monolithic carbon. This is a fancy way of saying that the car has just 12 body panels, and all of them are made from carbon fiber. The interior is covered in felt and compressed, recycled newspaper.

Peugeot 2008 Concept

The 2008 is a compact crossover that is based on the new 208. It is a further evolution of the Urban Crossover Concept that Peugeot showed at the Beijing Motor Show.Peugeot is very serious about building the 2008 and has announced that it will be built at its Mulhouse factory in France, Porto Real factory in Brazil and Wuhan factory in China.

Peugeot RCZ

Peugeot is giving the RCZ a major refresh in the first quarter of next year, but it is previewing the car at the Paris Motor Show. The obvious upgrades are a new exterior and some interior upgrades. The most obvious change to the RCZ is the completely new front end that is much smoother overall. It has a large central air intake bordered on the top and bottom with chrome bars.

Peugeot RCZ R

Peugeot will also begin offering a new top spec version of the RCZ in 2013 called the RCZ R with a 260hp tune of the 1.6-liter THP engine.The RCZ R will be painted in black and copper at the Paris Motor Show to match the Onyx concept. It also gets a stiffer suspension, limited-slip differential and more luxurious interior and exterior trim. It will be available at the end of 2013.

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

Porsche is giving the Cayenne Diesel and major surprise upgrade as the Cayenne Diesel S. It drops the previous 3.0-liter V6 diesel in favor a 4.2-liter V8 diesel with start/stop. Power is upgraded by 137hp and 300Nm of torque over the V6 to 382hp and 850Nm of torque. The larger engine accelerates the Cayenne S Diesel to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds with a 252km/h top speed.

Volvo V40 R-Design

Volvo is adding an R-Design trim package option to the V40. The package is available with any engine on the V40 and adds a unique body kit, wheels and interior trimPolestar tuned the suspension for the R-Design package. The car is 10mm lower with stiffer springs and dampers and thicker anti-roll bars.

Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept

Nissan has prepared a new hydrogen fuel cell SUV called the TeRRA for the Paris Motor Show. The front wheels are powered by the same powertrain as the Leaf. Two separate electric motors power the rear wheels, one in each wheel, and are linked to the fuel cell electrically.The truck is more suited to urban duty with light off-roading than a true off-road vehicle.

Ssangyong e-XIV

The e-XIV stands for 'electric − eXciting user Interface Vehicle.' It is a B-segment CUV that uses a range-extended hybrid powertrain and uses a small-displacement petrol engine. It has solar cell panels embedded in the roof but still has a glass roof panel.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV is a hybrid version based on the new Outlander and can run in three different modes. The pure EV mode, the Series Hybrid Mode, with the internal combustion engine acting as a generator for the electric powertrain and the Parallel Hybrid Mode the electric motor working in addition to the internal combustion engine.

Kia pro_cee'd

Kia has announced that the three-door pro_cee'd will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. The pro_cee'd is the three-door version of the cee'd range. The pro_cee'd will go on sale in the spring of 2013

Citroën C-Elysée

Citroën is bringing the C-Elysée sedan to the Paris Motor Show. Citroën still has no plans to sell the car in Western Europe, but it is meant for emerging markets. It will be sold in the Mediterranean basin, China and Russia at first to gauge demand. Power comes from one of three engines. There are the petrol VTi 72 and VTi 115 and the diesel HDi 92.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen is making the motor show premiere of the Golf in Paris. The new, seventh generation Golf is 56mm longer overall and has a 59mm wider track, but it is 100kg lighter than the outgoing model and gets 23% fuel economy. The wheelbase is 43mm longer. The cleanest BlueMotion model uses 3.2l/100km of fuel and emits 85g/km of CO2.

Ford Fiesta

Ford is giving the Fiesta a 2013 refresh with a new nose taken from the new Ford Mondeo/Fusion. Other than the new nose, the big changes for the Fiesta include the new 1.0-liter Ecoboost engine in either 100ps or 125ps trims, MyKey, SYNC and Active City Stop. The new nose includes LED daytime running lights and laser-cut headlights.

Ford Mondeo

Ford plans for the Mondeo to be a major seller in Europe. It has the new Aston Martin-inspired nose, lower roofline, trapezoidal headlights and sculpted sides. It will be optionally available with full LED headlights. The Mondeo is only getting the 125ps tune of the 1.0-liter Ecoboost which produces 175Nm and 200Nm in overboost mode and emits 130g/km of CO2.

Nissan Micra ELLE

Nissan has partnered with Elle magazine to create a special edition Micra. The Micra Elle is based on the midrange Accenta model and includes automatic air conditioning, Intelligent Key, heated, folding mirrors, fog lamps and spoiler. The car gets Elle badges on the tailgate, front fenders, floor mats and front door guards.

MINI (BMW) Paceman

The production version of the MINI Paceman will debut at the Paris Motor Show. The car is basically a coupe version of the MINI Countryman. In Europe, the Paceman will be offered with four engines, and it has a lower suspension than its Countryman sibling. All-wheel drive is also optional. It is the seventh model in the Mini lineup.

Concept Active Tourer

BMW is debuting a concept called the Concept Active Tourer that previews 1 Series GT. The styling of the car combines a low, aggressive nose with a relatively large greenhouse. It is a surprisingly attractive combination. It uses a transversely mounted 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a hybrid drive.

smart forstars

Smart is showing a new SUV concept at the Paris Motor Show. It is called the forstars for its open glass roof. The forstars seats two and is nearly entirely wrapped in glass, including a convex glass top over the passenger compartment.Its electric motor produces 80hp and 135Nm of torque that comes directly from the new smart brabus fortwo electric. It has a 17.6kWh battery pack.

Toyota iQ EV

Toyota calls the iQ EV a production version of the lightweight FT-EV concepts that it has shown since 2009. That means that the car is a lightweight electric vehicle meant for city driving. Power comes from an air-cooled 63hp and 163Nm electric motor with a 12kWh battery pack. The top speed is 125km/h, and it takes 14 seconds to accelerate to 100km/h.

Maserati GranCabrio MC

Maserati continues to create variations on its GranTurismo. This time the GranCabrio will get a more powerful MC version. Maserati says that the GranCabrio MC will go on sale in early 2013. It has not announced a price but says it will be slightly more than the GranCabrio Sport.

Audi A3 Sportback

Audi unveiled the three-door Audi A3 at the Geneva Motor Show, and now it is unveiling the five-door A3 Sportback at the Paris Motor Show. Like the three-door version, it makes extensive use of aluminum and rides on the same platform as the new Golf.

Audi S3

The S3 is powered by a brand new engine that shares a name with the powerplant that it replaces. The new 2.0 TFSI has a longer stroke than the one it replaces. It weighs 5kg less than the previous 2.0 TFSI. The new engine produces 300hp and 380Nm of torque with a redline of 6,800rpm. The engine is equipped with two balance shafts for improved smoothness.

Peugeot 208 R5

Peugeot has been testing is new 208 R5 this year, and it will finally debut the production version of the customer rally car at the Paris Motor Show. The 208 R5 replaces the 207 Super 2000. The R5 is designed for tarmac and gravel rallies. It will go on sale and begin customer competition in the second half of 2013.

Kia Carens

Kia is giving its Carens MPV an upgrade at the Paris Motor Show alongside the Sorento and Pro_Ceed. The Carens will go on sale in the spring of 2013 in the UK and the rest of Europe. 

Kia says that the new Carens is a completely new vehicle on a new platform. The wheelbase is longer and it seats seven.

Volvo V40 Cross Country

Volvo Car Corporation will introduce the new V40 Cross Country model at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. The Swedish company expects to sell 17,000 units per year of this new model, targeting especially European and Chinese buyers.

Dacia Sandero

Eight years after the launch of Logan, Dacia reveals the new generation Dacia Logan and Sandero at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

With the new models, Dacia plans to introduce new design cues and enhance the brand image.

Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class Electric Drive

At the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz will be presenting a battery-powered electric variant of the B-Class. The concept vehicle is one of the first models to carry the term "Electric Drive" in its designation, that will label all battery-powered electric passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz, AMG and smart in the future.

Lexus LF-CC

Following the unveiling of Lexus’ hybrid 2+2 sports coupe concept, the LF-LC at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, a new, mid-sized coupe concept, the LF-CC makes its World Premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The more compact, rear-wheel drive, full hybrid LF-CC integrates various design cues from the LF-LC and announces the launch of a mid-sized coupe in the more accessible D-segment in the near future.

Hyundai i30

Hyundai will reveal the three-door version of its i30 hatchback at the Paris Motor Show. The three-door is the third variant of the i30 that will be available; it joins the five-door hatchback and the Tourer. 

The three-door shares mechanical elements with the other versions but with new styling.

Audi SQ5 TDI

Audi has decided to build just 50 SQ5 TDI Audi Exclusive editions in the first quarter of 2013. It will go into mass production slightly later. Audi first showed the SQ5 TDI as a concept in June. It will be the first diesel-fueled Audi S car. The truck will be on display at the Paris Motor Show.

McLaren P1

McLaren has finally announced its new successor to the McLaren F1 that it has been teasing for weeks. The new McLaren supercar is called the P1, and McLaren says that it is building the car with one goal in mind: “Be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.”

Source: Auto Bild

Huet BrothersHuet Brothers
HB CoupeHB Coupe
HB CoupeHB Coupe
Straight 4
122 cu in
Top Speed
155 mph
6, Manual
Maximum power
306 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
61.89 US MPG
annual ownership cost
$ 584




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