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autoviva2015-04-20 10:58:06

Hamilton repeats victory in Baharain

Kimi Raikkonen prevented new Mercedes one-two victory

Hamilton reached the third victory of the season in four races

Lewis Hamilton won for the second consecutive year the Bahrain Grand Prix and reached the third victory of the season in four races.

The British won again comfortably leaving Kimi Raikkonen, Nico Rosberg and Valteri Bottas in an interesting battle for the two remaining places on the podium. The Finnish from FerrariFerrariFerrariItaly, 1947 > present233 models
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ended up grabbing second place, avoiding a new one-two victory from MercedesMercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzGermany, 1924 > present197 models
9899 photos
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, with Rosberg taking third place ahead of WilliamsWilliamsWilliamsUnited Kingdom, 1977 > present37 models
257 photos
's Bottas. Vettel finished the race in fifth place in the first night race of the season.

Hamilton, starting from first place in the grid, easily hold on to the lead at the start, with Vettel defending second place from Rosberg's attack, who ended up being overtaken by Raikkonen. However the German from Mercedes managed to to recover the position and capitalized on a mistake from Vettel to reach second place.

In the two visits to the pits, Ferrari managed to put Vettel ahead of Rosberg, but in both situation the German eventually made mistakes that would make him lose the position. In the first Vettel got distracted as Hamilton was leaving the pitlane and in the second time, went wide on a turn giving Rosberg the opportunity to regain second place. This last error ended up damaging the Ferrari's rear wing and Vettel was forced to a new trip to the pits.

With the car rolling on softer tires Raikkonen started to get closer to Rosberg in the final stint of the race. Rosberg with some brake problems ended going out, a situation exploited by the Finnish who grabbed second place and the first podium of the season.

Although the Renault engine let go on the last corner Daniel Ricciardo managed to cross the line in his  Red BullRed BullRed BullAustria, 2004 > present12 models
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, achieving the best result of the season with a sixth place. Romain Grosjean came back to score for Lotus for the second consecutive race in seventh place ahead of Force IndiaForce IndiaForce IndiaIndia, 2007 > present8 models
119 photos
's Sergio Perez. Having started the race in 17th place Daniil Kvyat managed to grab two more points finishing the race in ninth place ahead of Felipe Massa who started the race from the pits after being stopped on the pre-grid.



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