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GM Plans to Pack Its Next EV with Cutting Edge Technology in 2016

The development comes from what GM learned from studying Tesla

The new GM EV will still feature a range extending generator like the Volt

Current General MotorsGMGMUnited States of America, 1998 > present8 models
240 photos
CEO Dan Akerson may only have a month left of work, but his final legacy with the company may be its upcoming electric sedan.

Early in 2013, Akerson took notice of the rising cache of TeslaTeslaTeslaUnited States of America, 2003 > present4 models
208 photos
and set up a taskforce to study the company. The group’s suggestions are being used to develop GM’s next generation EV.

In the EV’s latest specification, which is still quite early, it has a 200-mile (322km) range on an electric charge with a range-extending generator to further boost range. While this sounds quite similar to the current VoltVoltChevrolet VoltUnited States of America, 2011 > present3 photos
, the plan is for the generator to be able to run on petrol, diesel or natural gas. It would also use the latest generation of batteries to improve power density and range.

GM thinks that it can have the car ready for sale by 2016, and it will sell for around $30,000, which is $5,000 cheaper than the Volt.

The marketing plan for the car from GM is to stay quiet about the car until it is ready to go on sale. It is planning to use cutting edge technology on the car and does not want to tip its hand.

Mary Barra, GM’s new CEO, will be responsible for the project after Akerson leaves the company in January.

GM EV Sedan with 200-Mile Range in Earliest Stages of Development

Source: Business Week


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