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autoviva2015-02-18 15:44:04

Ferrari shows dream Formula 1 design concept

Italian brand wanted to show how it's possible to combine an apealing design to aerodynamics

Ferrari decided that it is still possible to create a Formula 1 beautiful and at the same time effective

In recent seasons Formula 1 cars, which have always been praised for beautiful design, have received strong criticism by fans for giving too much emphasis on aerodynamics at the expense of design.

Having these criticisms in mind FerrariFerrariFerrariItaly, 1947 > present233 models
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decided to show that it is still possible to create a Formula 1 beautiful and at the same time effective. The Formula 1 ConceptFormula 1 ConceptFerrari Formula 1 ConceptItaly, 2015 > 20152 photos
was the result.

Ferrari wants to know the opinion of its fans and has created a special website with images of the Formula 1 Concept asking for comments. Clearly the Italian brand intends to make some pressure in F1 to reinvent itself, with the risk of losing more audience.

The brand describes the prototype like this:

Would it be possible to come up with an F1 car which not only is technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive-looking? And could this be made without having to overturn the current technical rules? At Ferrari, we believe so. Let us introduce you to the ‘concept design’ that was conceived by our design studio (Centro Stile Ferrari) together with the Scuderia’s aero department.Our challenge was to create something that was – to put it short – better looking.

Will Ferrari be able to bring back the beautiful designs to Formula 1?

Formula 1 ConceptFormula 1 Concept

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Thank you for sharing this information about this which I haven't ever seen before. Maybe you also have something like which would be so...
11.01.2020 @ 14:11


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