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autoviva2014-09-05 11:57:17

Citroën shows the future of DS with DS Divine

Concept will be unveiled in October at the Paris Motor Show

The DS Divine  serves as an indicator of the direction the design of the premium range of the French brand will take in the future

At this year's Paris Motor Show CitroënCitroënCitroënFrance, 1919 > present94 models
5546 photos
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will unveil a new concept of the DS line: the DS DivineDS DivineDS DS DivineFrance, 2014 > 20146 photos
. This new vehicle serves as an indicator of the direction the design of the premium range of the French brand will take in the future.

The DS boss, Yves Bonnefont, describes the DS Divine as a vehicle with an "avant garde" design and "visible technology, refinement and a balance between comfort and dynamics." To show the future design of the DS line, Citroën chose to do it through a C-segment hatchback. According to Bonnefont the "muscle, muscular, voluptuous surfaces, punctuated by flowing crease lines will be part of the DS design".

A major design detail of the DS Divine is the lack of a rear window replaced by a series of geometric shapes. This allows to anticipate that future DS vehicleswon't have rear window and will include a rear view camera with the image being projected on a screen placed on the common rearview mirror.

However the design of DS Divine continues to include conventional exterior mirrors. The scissor opening door are a purely conceptual element that shouldn't reach production vehicles.

In order to be accepted both in China, a market of growing importance for the DS line, as in Europe, Citroën intends to follow more traditional lines regarding the grid of future models.

Regarding the interior, Citroën joined with the jewelry Swarovski and embroidery Lesage brands to create a luxurious cabin. The DS Divine shows three different types of finishing lines, which Citroën calls Male, Parisienne Chic and Fatale Punk.

In terms of Parisienne Chic, this trim level is expressed through the door embroidery, pleated silk and rich leather panels, a reference to the world of haute couture. The Male line is present through the use of carbon fiber, whereas the Fatale Punk is shown with leather upholstery leather with encrusted jewels with a sparkling Swarovski Crystal fabric.

The panel and the center console get the same sculpted design of the DS5DS5DS DS5France, 2011 > present50 versions
70 photos
, but takes it a little further through a more dramatic design with large shapes and asymmetrical design.

Regarding engine, so far Citroën just revealed that this front-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with a 270hp engine.

DS DivineDS Divine




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