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Chris Bruce2012-01-25 21:07:05

Chrysler Planning Successors to Dodge Avenger, Jeep Compass and Chrysler 200

Chrysler Planning Successors to Dodge Avenger, Jeep Compass and Chrysler 200

Chrysler is planning to use the platform from its coming Dodge Dart to underpin future versions of the Dodge Avenger, Chrysler 200 and Jeep Compass. The three vehicles currently use the Chrysler/Mitsubishi GS platform that Chrysler was able to use because it was developed by Daimler when it owned both companies. Because Chrysler has severed its Daimler ties, the new platform for these vehicles will have to be Fiat-sourced. 

The biggest challenge of the three will be the Jeep Compass, which will have to deal with being a soft-roader with Alfa Romeo underpinnings. 

"It's gonna be a trail-rated, full-blooded Jeep that has its origins in the architecture of a sports car," said Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. 

Whether that is positive or negative, we will have to wait and see. 

The other two vehicles will be much easier because they could use an enlarged version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta that will come on the Dart. 

The question then becomes, does Chrysler need three cars (Dart, Avenger and 200) that all use the same chassis and fill basically the same roll in the market?

Marchionne also plans to begin producing Alfa Romeos in the US and selling them in the US and Europe. 

"There will be plants making Alfas in the United States and Europe. I need to export to Europe from the U.S. The volumes I get here are how I reintroduce Alfa to Europe," he said. 

Currently with a weak dollar and poor economy, the US offers Marchionne a well educated, but relatively cheap, when compared to Europe, workforce. He can use the plants Chrysler already has in the US to build Alfa Romeos to ship to Europe, where he can sell a higher quality product at cheaper prices thanks to cheaper labor in the US and compete better with BMW and Volkswagen than before. 

Source: USA Today


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Compete with BMW? Com'on!!! And the discussion about better quality in the US than in Europe, we still need to see. US cars were not rated for their build quality so far, otherwise Japanese and German...
26.01.2012 @ 06:37


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