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Chery Helping to Bring Classic Moke Back to the Roads

Moke International is offering the car is Southeast Asia and Australia

The cars will be sold first in Australia and Southeast Asia

Generally, Chinese cars are incredibly boring, but every rule has an exception. Chinese automaker CheryCheryCheryChina, 1997 > present7 models
18 photos
helping to put the classic Mini Moke back into production from a new company called Moke International

The rights to the car are held by JaguarJaguarJaguarUnited Kingdom, 1922 > present53 models
2188 photos
16 videos
Land RoverLand RoverLand RoverUnited Kingdom, 1978 > present15 models
1787 photos
9 videos
, and it struck a deal with Moke International and Chery to restart Moke production in China.

The latest Moke is not an exact copy of the original car. Moke International hired designer Michael Young to make a modernized version of the car. It is a completely new design with better handling, braking and safety than the original ever had.

The new version uses a 1.0-liter four-cylinder with 50hp and 68lb-ft of torque, 15hp more than the original had, with a five-speed manual. The company says an automatic will be offered later.

Moke International plans to sell the new cars in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. The first 1,000 cars will go to Australia, though. Depending on region, it will be offered in right- or left-hand drive. Because it would not meet safety rules, there are no plans to sell it in the US or EU.

The Moke was the utilitarian version of the MiniCooperMini CooperUnited Kingdom, 1961 > present4 photos
and looks somewhat JeepJeepJeepUnited States of America, 1941 > present33 models
968 photos
4 videos
-like. Mini designer Alec Issigonis created the car for the British military as a vehicle that could be air dropped with soldiers during missions. It was a complete failure for that due to its low ground clearance, lack of four-wheel drive and small tires. But BMCBMCBMCUnited Kingdom, 1951 > 1965 started selling them to the public, and they became popular in beach communities around the world. British production in 1968 and was moved to Austrialia until 1982.

The Moke remained in production nearly as long as the classic Mini. British Leyland built them in Portugal from 1980 to 1990, and then the rights were leased to motorcycle maker Cagiva that kept production going until 1993.

You can learn more about the new Moke at Moke International

Source: Hemmings



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