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autoviva2015-09-04 11:11:28

Bugatti already has a Vision Gran Turismo

Concept's design serves as a preview of the Veyron successor, the Chiron

The concept is also described as a preview of the design that will be used in the Veyron successor
Months have gone by since we last saw the release of a vehicle for the Vision Gran TurismoVision Gran TurismoBugatti Vision Gran TurismoFrance, 2015 > 20153 photos
project. The hiatus ended with the unveiling of the first images of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo that will become one of the possible cars to be driven on Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation3. The concept is described as a preview of the design that will be used in the Veyron successor that will arrive in 2017.
BugattiBugattiBugattiFrance, 1909 > present41 models
976 photos
7 videos
refers in a statement that the Vision Gran Turismo shows new shapes and design language which are being developed for the new chapter of the brand, with the Chiron, the name the Veyron successor has been given up to now.
In the announcement of the concept, Bugatti's design boss, Achim Anscheidt states that the design of the brand reached a new stage and that the vehicle for Vision Gran Turismo project has a radical look oriented for extreme performance.
Through the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo the brand aims to reach more fans taking into account that it sells extremely exclusive vehicles and not everyone has the opportunity to drive one of them. Videogame players and fans of speed around the world will finally be able to drive a Bugatti.
The list of Vision Gran Turismo vehicles already features several versions created by the world's leading brands, including Aston MartinDP-100 Vision Gran TurismoAston Martin DP-100 Visio...United Kingdom, 2014 > 20146 photos
, NissanConcept 2020 Vision Gran TurismoNissan Concept 2020 Visio...Japan, 2014 > 20143 photos
, MercedesVision Gran TurismoAMG Vision Gran TurismoGermany, 2014 > 20144 photos
, RenaultVision Gran TurismoAlpine Vision Gran TurismoFrance, 2015 > 20153 photos
and ToyotaFT-1Toyota FT-1Japan, 2014 > 201411 photos
Bugatti will take to Frankfurt Motor Show a full-scale version of the concept. In the coming months players will be able to download and drive the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo.
Vision Gran TurismoVision Gran Turismo




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