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2014-05-09 10:28:33

BMW 30 years of M5 with special edition

BMW created the fastest production M5 version ever

M5 30 Jahre M5 is the fastest production M5 version ever

BMW MBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8471 photos
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is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the M5 with the launch of an even more powerful special edition of the famous four-door sedan.

The BMW M5 M5 '30 Jahre'30 Jahre M5BMW 30 Jahre M5Germany, 2014 > present (30 years of the M5) is based on the performance version recently introduced by the M5 Competition Pack and will have a limited production of 300 units.

To celebrate 30 years of the M5, BMW M has equipped the special edition with a slightly modified version of the engine twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 petrol. The result was a 40hp increase in power, for a total of 600hp, and 700Nm of torque. According to Albert Biermann, BMW M's boss, these improvements were made possible by "tweaking the engine management of the increased pressure of the turbo turbocharger."

The transmission of power to the rear wheels is via a modified dual clutch seven-speed automatic transmission of the standard M5. BMW M achieved the fastest production version ever of the M5. According to BMW, the M5 '30 Jahre M5' can sprint to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds and reach a limited top speed of 305km/h, with the optional M Driver package.

Regarding fuel consumption and emissions, M5 '30 Jahre M5' consumes 9.9l/100km and produces on average 231g/km CO2.

On the basis of the new M5 '30 Jahre M5' is a chassis with the same modifications incorporated into the M5 Competition Pack, with firmer springs and dampers, a reduction of 10 mm of ground clearance and 20-inch rims with 265/40 front and 295/40 rear tires.

The M5 30 Jahre can be distinguished from the standard M5 by the matte silver color metal of the bodywork, the darkened chrome trim on the borders of the grid, on the door handle inserts and exhausts and also '30 Jahre' badges.

Now remember the five M5 generations.


The first generation M5 was launched in 1985 and gave birth to a new niche market of performance sedans.


In 1988 BMW launched the second generation of the M5 in an attempt to continue the success achieved by the first generation. The new M5 had two power versions, the second released in late 1991.


The third generation, launched in 1998, fired up the six-cylinder in-line engines and welcomed the V8 engine of 4.9 liters. Until the spring of 2003 had 20,500 customers had bought the M5, making him to date the best-selling M5 ever.


The fourth generation M5 went to a new level with the introduction of the V10 engine. Thanks to new technology the M5 wrote a new page in the history of sedans in the segment performance.


Launched in 2011, the fifth-generation M5 returned to V8 engines, but there was no power loss, quite the contrary.

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5 Series5 Series
5 Series Gen.6 [F10]5 Series Gen.6 [F10]
30 Jahre M530 Jahre M5
V 8 (90º vee)
268 cu in
Top Speed
155 mph
7, Manual
Maximum power
600 hp @ 6250 rpm
Saloon (sedan)
Fuel consumption (combined)
23.76 US MPG
annual ownership cost




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