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Tim Booth2011-06-07 18:29:24

Audi A3 e-tron unveiled in Shanghai

Audi A3 e-tron unveiled in Shanghai

Audi has displayed a new sedan concept in China at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show; the A3 e-tron.

The four-seater takes it chassis design from the RS 3 Sportback and aims to demonstrate an Audi sedan which is both sporty and fuel efficient. Its body measures 4.44 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.39 meters high and features a frame made of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and ‘floating’ LED headlights. The A3 e-tron’s curb weight is 1,720 kilograms.

On the inside, the A3 e-tron is claimed to feature ample room thanks to its 2.63 meter wheelbase. Styling is minimalist and standout features include airplane turbine-style vents, a multifunction steering wheel, infotainment system with eight-inch display and internet connectivity, iPad holders and a 410 litre luggage compartment.

The A3 e-tron is designed to be a plug-in hybrid and features a 155 kW 1.4 TFSI four-cylinder turbocharged engine and a 20 kW electric motor. When working together the A3 e-tron can crack 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and motor onto a top speed of 231 km/h. However the electric motor can also fly solo giving a range of up to 54 km. Power output can be monitored via a 3D display located where the tachometer would normally be, allowing the driver to know exactly where the e-tron is drawing its power from.   

The engine hooks into a seven-speed, dual clutch S tronic gearbox which can be operated either in automatic mode or via steering wheel mounted paddles. Other highlights are a five-way Audi drive select handling system, launch control and 20 inch alloy wheels.

A3 Gen.2 [Typ 8P]A3 Gen.2 [Typ 8P]
A3 e-tronA3 e-tron
Battery Type
Top Speed
144 mph
7, semi-automatic
Maximum power
Electric / Petrol
annual ownership cost

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another audi... is it just me but audi just becoming the new bmw? by releasing the same damned shape everytime i used to love audi but my god it looks like its now produced for middle men with no o...
26.04.2011 @ 14:24


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