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Christopher Bruce2012-05-16 16:44:50

Aston Martin Lagonda Aimed to Boost Chinese Sales

The Lagonda SUV was shown at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show to a lackluster reception

Aston MartinAston MartinAston MartinUnited Kingdom, 1914 > present62 models
1955 photos
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thinks that growth in sports car sales in China might have peaked or nearly so. That is why it is looking into reviving the Lagonda nameplate for a large, luxurious SUV that would appeal to Chinese consumers. 

The LagondaLagonda ConceptAston Martin Lagonda ConceptUnited Kingdom, 2009 > present3 photos
SUV was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 and did not receive a positive critical reception much like the Bentley SUV. However, Aston Martin thinks that the car will appeal to China and is reworking the concept to give it a second try. CEO Ulrich Bez is alluding to the showing a new version of the Lagonda SUV sometime this year. Because the Paris Motor Show at the end of September is the last big show of the year, it is possible that we could see the truck there. 

Analysts say that the traditional hot markets for sports cars like the DBSDBS (modern)Aston Martin DBS (modern)United Kingdom, 2007 > present17 versions
65 photos
2 videos
are depressed at the moment, and while the Chinese are still buying cars, they are not as interested in sporty coupes. In its best sales year, the DBS sold 691 cars worldwide in 2009 and has averaged 475 cars a year over the last five years. 

However SUVS are still popular in China and Russia. Roads in those countries are not always suited to sports cars, and SUVS can carry more passengers. 

If Aston Martin gives the Lagonda the go-ahead, it will likely cost around £150k to compete with the the Lamborghini UrusUrusLamborghini UrusItaly, 2012 > present12 photos
and Bentley EXP 9EXP 9 FBentley EXP 9 FUnited Kingdom, 2012 > 20129 photos

Source: Auto Car

Aston MartinAston Martin
Lagonda ConceptLagonda Concept

1 comment

I am also convinced there is a market in ex-USSR, China, and the Emirates. There are super rich people there, but the roads are terrible... SO if you can combine luxe, with a powerfull engine still, a...
18.05.2012 @ 13:25


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