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autoviva2012-11-23 12:19:47

Advice: How to pack your car

The weekend is here and for many of us this means packing our things into the car and hitting the road for a two-day trip, be it home to the parents from your university or work town, visiting friends or an adventure trip.

And even though we always do our best to reduce the load, the amount of things that end up being piled in the boot and sweezed in between the seats always seems to have this life of its own, soaking up seating capacity and legroom for the constrained travellers.

It is a tough challenge, but with a couple of small tricks and rules in mind, you can improve the comfort and security for yourself and your fellow passengers.

Pack securely

Make sure all items you pack in the car are stored away safely and don't start moving around during the trip. Objects that fly around when you brake sharply or drive into a bent can injure the passengers or distract the driver from the traffic.

Heavy items

The heavy items should go into the boot for safety reasons, only keep the things you need during the trip next to you between the seats.

Keep the loads small

Try to keep the overall load as small as possible, but also the individual items as such. This will allow you to store objects away without them blocking your view entirely.

Space for the passengers

Always ensure everybody has enough space to have a comfortable and relaxed journey. Especially the driver should have space to move and to maneuver but to keep the spirits up during the trip, every passenger should feel at ease.

Be aware of the fuel

To avoid a nasty surprise, always keep an eye on the fuel gauge. Packed to the roof, your car will consume significantly more and will require an early refuel.

Check tyre pressures

When everything is packed and ready, set, go, you should control your tyre pressures. With all the extra weight, some extra pressure might be required.



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