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autoviva2012-11-23 12:19:34

Advice: Driving Safely with a Baby on Board

Driving the car is a big responsibility, even more so if you are a parent. In the daily routine of chauffeuring around the family flock and friend entourage between kindergarten, school and afternoon activities, it is important to stick to some fundamental rules to keep all seated safely.

Even if in a hurry or stressed by some little rebels testing their limits, always insist on using proper seats and seatbelts. There might come that unexpected moment, when these small things can make all the difference.

Take control

Take the responsibility you have for your children’s safety seriously. From their birth until growing up and driving themselves, it is your task to make sure they are seated safely.

Children under 3 years

Children under three years must be must be in an appropriate child restraint. The adult belts are not appropriate for kids this age and can not guarantee their safety.

Children between 3 and 11

Children aged three to 11 are still not old enough to use the adult belts and should have their own child seats to adjust the restraints to their size.

Rear-facing baby seats

Be aware that rear-facing baby seats should never be placed in the front seat where there is an active passenger airbag.

The Isofix System

The Isofix seat mounts are the most commonly used and safest way to install child seats in cars. Most seats designed specifically for use with these super-strong mounting points, which are common in many modern cars, and easy to use.

Final check

Once you placed the seat in the car, grip it and push it backwards and forwards – if it is fitted properly, the car should move and not the car seat itself.

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