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United Kingdom United Kingdom (1914 - 1975)


Wolseley Motor Company was officially registered in 1914, although Herbert Austin, who would later open the Austin Motor Company, was already manufacturing cars under the Wolseley badge since 1895.

The Wolseley brand has belonged to different companies over the years: Nuttfield, BMC and British Leyland and all the companies in between. The Wolseley badge was used until 1975. Today, Wolseley belongs to the Nanjing Automobile Group, given that they bought the MG Rover Group.

Wolseley Motor Company
origin:United Kingdom United Kingdom, 1914
status:Discontinued, 1975
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6/801953 Wolseley 6/801953 Wolseley 6/80Wolseley 12/48 Saloon

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