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How to Have a Successful Hookup
Hookups can be a great way to have fun and experience some sex with someone. However, they can also be a little confusing.

To avoid wasting time, make sure that you’re honest about your intentions. This will help you avoid hurt feelings and lost time.

1. Be yourself
If you want to have a successful hookup, it's important that you be yourself. This will help you to avoid hurt feelings and wasted time.

It also means that you'll be able to get the most out of your encounter. This is especially important if you aren't sure what the outcome will be.

A hookup can be really arousing, but it is important that you don't take things too far. Overdoing physical contact can turn into emotional contact, and that is not what you want in a casual hookup!

It's also important to have a conversation about preferences and limits before starting a hookup. This will ensure that you have a good experience and that you and your partner(s) are happy with the outcome.

2. Be playful
Playful behavior is a huge key to being successful in a hookup. It makes dating more fun and will open up doors that you didn't think were possible.

It also gives you a more positive outlook on the whole thing. Once you can learn to be playful, it becomes second nature and a part of your personality.

It is important to have conversations about what you are looking for from a hookup before getting into it. You should be honest about what you want from a hookup and make sure that it is something that your partner is also interested in.

3. Be flirty
Flirting is a skill, and it's one that requires time, practice, and a good understanding of your own personality. It's all about presenting yourself as a person who wants to connect with another, and who enjoys putting a little bit of effort into the process.

Artschwager suggests focusing less on what you say and more on how you interact with someone. She notes that it's all about being as natural as possible, which can sometimes mean avoiding the "marketing" tactics that many people put into their flirting.

She also recommends letting her respond to your flirting by escalating it up or down as needed. This helps to gauge her level of interest and avoid overstepping the line.

4. Be professional
It’s all well and good to have a great time with someone, but it’s crucial that you keep yourself professional. This includes avoiding banging at work and making coworkers jealous.

Keeping your head up high will help you avoid getting in trouble with your superiors or being caught cheating. Plus, it will also allow you to get the most out of your hookup experience without damaging your career in the long run!

In the same way, you should know when to take your relationship to the next level. This could be something as simple as telling your sexy friend they’re a star, or as complex as letting them know you have feelings for them.

5. Stay safe
When you’re out on a hookup, you should always have a safety plan in place. This includes using safe sex practices and having contraceptives on hand.

It also is important to make sure that you are honest with your partner about your intentions. If you’re only interested in casual sex, let her know this before you start.

Despite popular culture, hookups don’t need to be completely devoid of feelings. In fact, a lot of people experience short-term sexual encounters as emotional.