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autoviva2012-09-03 15:38:38

Supercars for Cops

Supercars for Cops

Some cars as way of their fundamental nature, induce the infringement of the traffic regulations. 300-plus horsepower machines are just not made for sticking to a speed limit of mere 120 km/h which they can double or triple at the twitch of the throttle.

It must be an anachronism then, that police squads around the world whose job it is to enforce these rules on public roads, do drive these evil monsters themselves at times. Well, they have a point though: Sometimes there is just no other way to keep up!

We envy these officers - great job!

Alpine A110 Gendarmerie Car

Back in the 60s/70s, French criminals had to prepare themselves for some serious police-chases when the Alpine A 110 arrived to the Gendarmerie squads. Not only did the rally veteran with 1500 cc engine and 215 km/h top speed sprint like no other to catch the thieves, also was the uncomfortable transport in this flatfish getting close to something like torture.

Honda NSX Police Car

The Honda NXS, that joined the Crime Stoppers, does certainly inject a good dose of respect into any filcher. 280hp and an impressive 280 km/h top speed propel this cop coupe into the chase-mode. Who wants to play catch-me-if-you-can with this one, has to come up with something that lives up to it.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Police Car

Police in England must have been delighted when they heard about this one. No good cop would ever have the chance of owning a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, but for these lucky few it becomes their daily duty cruising around the block Italian style. No, we are not jealous at all...

Caparo T1 Met Police Rapid Response Vehicle

Caparo came up with a concept for the Met Police, that probably wet the mouths of quite a few petrol-headed officers. Taking the T1 onto a ride on the London street-track sounds like awesome fun, almost too fun for such serious business! Road safety may be another concern with this rocket as it hits the 329 km/h mark with 583hp.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X police car

Another powerful weapon of the British police in its fight against crime is this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It hits the road with 280hp and at the same time still transports up to 5, making it an actually practical vehicle in ordinary arrest situations.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia

The Italian police fleet is blessed with supercars. Homeland of Lamborghini and the likes, the State Police received, amongst others, this donated Gallardo LP560-4. With 560hp and a top speed of 326 km/h it will chase down any mafiosi that dares to mess with the mighty raging bull.

Hummer H3 Police Vehicle

Heavy duty and presence on public streets is the business of the Hummer H3. Its strength may not be the classic police chase as such, but the H3 has other virtues, such as instant road-blocking capabilities, off-roading and plenty of space in case of multiple arrests.

Jaguar XF Police Car

Does the British police use this one for special occasions only? Upper-class tax-evader detentions in Chelsea may be? Definitely the Jaguar XF will still lend an air of class to any crime-scene and the lucky cop that drives this squad car, has an office to fancy!

TECHART 911 Police Car

Italian Carabinieri have supercars, English Cops have the luxury cruisers and the German Polizei has tuned cars. Where would you want to work the streets of crime? This TechArt-tuned 911 comes with 355hp but despite this outrageous amount of power, is part of a road safety campaign for safer tuning by the German Ministry for Infrastructure. Taking this to the Autobahn must be fun though!

Brabus Rocket Police Car

Another police car promoting safer tuning on German roads is the Brabus Rocket. Whether it passes the message remains doubtful as its 750hp engine propels it to mind-blowing 360 km/h. If road safety is still guaranteed at this velocity? We are not convinced.

Lotus Evora S Carabinieri

This one must be Italians and English exchanging compliments. In a sophisticated diplomatic maneuver, Lotus handed one of its Evora S to the Carabinieri. It might not keep up with the Gallardo in terms of performance figures, but handling-wise might prove the better option in Rome's congested streets.


The ABT R8 GTR is another German vision of safer tuning. Put in numbers: 620hp and 320 km/h are at the disposal of the police. This is an appropriate weapon to make sure they really chase down even the fastest of thieves and must not only scare the hell out of the criminals but also the officer that was driving the VW Passat patrol car yesterday and now got handed the keys to this one.


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