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Christopher Bruce2012-10-15 19:48:22

Chevrolet Malibu Tested in Climatic Wind Tunnel

Chevrolet is testing the Malibu at sub-zero temperatures in its climatic wind tunnel

ChevroletChevroletChevroletUnited States of America, 1911 > present82 models
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is about to bring it's new full-size Malibu Turbo to market, but it has been testing the car in Its climatic wind tunnel in Michigan that allows it to subject the car to arctic conditions all year. 

The climatic wind tunnel can subject cars to between -40°F and 140°F at winds up to 150mph. It also includes high UV lights that put the paint under 1.15kW per square meter of simulate sunshine. It can also control humidity. Although Chevrolet still tests its cars to these conditions in the real world, it allows the engineers to find tune settings in Michigan and test them immediately. 

The tunnel is also equipped with a dynamometer that can simulate driving at up to 155mph or under the same load that the car would experience when towing a trailer. 

“Testing in the Climatic Wind Tunnel reduces the need to travel to remote locations, which helps save time and money. Tunnel testing also minimizes the safety risks and traffic interactions associated with testing on public roads, and because the conditions are repeatable, we’re not limited by the whims of Mother Nature," said Ben Cruz, a GM engineer who specializes in working with the climatic wind tunnel.

Chevrolet Malibu Gen.8Chevrolet Malibu Gen.8




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