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1 car


◆ Our History
Aug. 1999, "National Key Industry Test Project Fine Spherical Aluminum Powder Production Base "recognized and incorporated by NDRC ;
Dec. 1999, "Industry Experiment Base of Fine Spherical Aluminum Powder, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science" recognized and incorporated by Chinese Academy of Science;
In 2000, the first company has successfully introduced the major scientific research of "Nitrogen Atomization" of Micron size Aluminum Powder from achievements of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Mar. 2000, the 1st Atomization line, annual design capacity: 3000Tons;
In 2004, exclusive drafted the Industrial Standard of "Nitrogen Atomization Aluminum Powder";
Oct. 2004, the 2nd Atomization line, annual design capacity: 4000Tons;
Apr. 2010, the 3rd classification line, annual processing capacity: 4000Tons;
Aug. 2010, the 3rd Atomization line, annual design capacity: 4000Tons;
Sept. 2010, the 4th classification line, annual processing capacity: 4000Tons;
In 2011, mainly drafted the National Standard of "Nitrogen Atomization Aluminum Powder";
Apr. 2011, the 1st and 2nd classification line, annual processing capacity: 8000Tons;
In 2013, technology reform of the 1st Atomization line, annual design capacity: 4000Tons;
Apr. 2014, the 5th and 6th classification line, annual processing capacity: 8000Tons;
Jan, 2015, successfully listed in the NEEQ system;
May 2016, set up Innovation Research Institute
Aug. 2017, the 1st sample of brake discs for automobile worked out;
May 2018, successfully developed the 1st sample of brake discs for railway transportation;
Sept. 2018, the first time completed the bench testing of brake discs for railway transportation.

◆ Our Factory
Hunan Goldsky Aluminum Industry High-tech enterprise owned by Hunan Xiangtou Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was established in January 28th 2000. Being a worldly famous supplier and producer of the fine spherical aluminum powder with an annual output of 12000 tons o design capacity, we focus on the new material industry for 18 years.

◆ Our Product
The company to seize the commanding heights of fine spherical aluminum powder production technology, mastered the advanced "inert gas atomization" milling technology, ultra-fine powder technology of multistage gas eddy current classification, grading and classification of centrifugal self shunt, can produce the median diameter of D50 spherical aluminum powder products of arbitrary size of 1~50 microns, classification accuracy can reach 0.2 micron., and continued innovation around the market and customer needs.

◆ Product Application
Aluminum Powder For PV
Product features:
Silver gray appearance, medium diameter within D50:1~10μm, uniform particle size and moderate distribution, good filling property, high activity, the electrode and the back panel surfaces formed after the sintering of the solar cell aluminum paste are dense and smooth, with good adhesion, excellent conductivity, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and can effectively eliminate warping, beading, aluminum powder falls off and other quality defects in production. In the recent decade, Goldsky PV Aluminum Powder brand keeps industry in leading position with perfect quality and technical performances, which are very popular in both domestic and abroad markets.

Aluminum Powder For Pigment
Product features:
Silver gray appearance, medium diameter within D50:1~30μm, uniform particle size, good sphericity, product specifications can be adjusted according to user needs. Aluminum pigment produced from excellent tinting strength, high hiding powder, and clear color. Integrating the density and white brightness into a whole, can makes surface coating produce excellent light reflection, good staining, elegant and soft colors. The Aluminum pigment is mainly used in luxury cars, mobile phones, motorcycles, bicycles and other metallic pigment application. In addition, it be used in the surface coating of high-grade building roof can make the building color style looks very extraordinary, gorgeous and beautiful with decorative effect, and can repel moisture and corrosion effectively to ensuring buildings durability.

Aluminum Powder For Ceramics & Fire-resistance
Product features:
Silver gray appearance, uniform particle size and moderate distribution with high activity, low impurity content, high tap density ect. Now it's mainly used in the production of magnesia carbon brick and alumina-magnesia carbon brick and refractory materials, which can significantly improve the compactness and refractoriness to ensure excellent quality and outstanding durability. The particle size, distribution index of this Al powder can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different production process as per the demands of customers. It has become a important raw materials for the development and production of high-grade refractory products.

Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
High performance aluminum and other metal matrix composites made with the world's leading powder metallurgy technology. The materials offer substantial improvements in fatigue endurance, mechanical properties and important other characteristics, such as excellent wear resistance and relatively stable friction coefficient over a wide temperature range, hardness equivalent to current ferrous disc materials, low density and much higher thermal conductivity compared to current ferrous brake disc materials.
Light weight is one of the most effective means to achieve lower energy consumption for the railway transportation, new energy/internal combustion engine automobiles and general aviation etc. As unsprung moving component, the effect of the weight reduction of the brake discs on the automobile energy consumption is about 10 times greater than that of the non moving components and bodywork.

Titanium Powder
Titanium has gained people's attention due to its low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, creepage resistance at high temperature, biocompatibility and good welding performance. But metal titanium is a kind of active metal, especially titanium powder has a large surface free energy, high activity, very easy to be oxidized, and easy to react with other elements, thus caused the processing and application for metal titanium is very expensive, the high cost is inhibiting promotion and application in metal titanium.
Powder metallurgy technology (PM) as a low-cost near-net shape forming (NNS) technology, it is greatly reduced cost of application in titanium compared with traditional processing technology, powder metallurgy technology including such as compression sintering, metal injection molding (MIM) and hot isostatic pressing technology (HIP) with higher cost but better performance, as well as the latest research hot spot additive manufacturing technology (AM). Additive manufacturing technology is mainly represented by laser-selective 3D printing technology (SLM) and electron beam molten metal 3D printing technology (EBM). All near-net shape forming technologies what including AM, MIM and HIP were used powder material of titanium and titanium alloy to make product parts.
The quality and cost of the powder material are directly affecting quality and market of the finished parts; therefore, develop high purity, good spherical degree,low oxygen content,regular particle size and low cost titanium and titanium alloy powders have become the development direction and research hot spot in powder metallurgy of titanium and titanium alloy and metal 3D printing field.

◆ Our Certificate
The company strictly implements the scientific and effective production management tools, through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety system certified.

◆ Production Equipment
Detecting equipment and technical codes
1Particle size analysisBT-1500 type centrifugal sedimentation particle size distribution analyzer0.1µm-150µm
BT-9300S type laser particle size analyzer0.1µm-710µm

Mastersizer2000 type laser particle size analyzer0.02µm-2000µm
2Spherical degreeLW300JT microscopeComputer display with magnification: 100-2,000
3Vibrated densityType BT-301 vibrated density analyzer

4Active aluminumOxidation-reduction method>80%
5Fe、Si、Zn、Cu722S Spectrophotometer300-1000nm
6MoistureAFK-1PIUS Moisture meter0.001-100%
7Oxygen contentType ON-3000 Nitrogen Oxygen analyzer2-20000PPM

◆ Production Market
Bearing the worldwide business philosophy and established the nationwide sales network, Goldsky has occupied over 1/3 share on high end market of spherical aluminum powder in China and exported its products to USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Italy etc. countries and area.

◆ Our service
Sincere cooperation
Focus on quality
Innovation and mutual benefits
Pursuit Perfection
Never SatisfiedSpherical Almunium Powder shop online