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Christopher Bruce2013-10-04 14:04:36

Mercedes-Benz Has Best Sales Month Ever in September

It sold 151,520 cars in the month

The Mercedes-Benz compact range has been a huge success

What European auto market downturn? Mercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzGermany, 1924 > present197 models
9897 photos
33 videos
Cars had its best sales month in its history in September with 151,520 cars sold, 14.3% higher than last September. Among those 142,994 were from Mercedes-Benz, up 15.9%, and 8,526 were from Smart, down 7.8%.

Mercedes-Benz is having an incredibly good year. It is the most-registered premium brand in Germany, Japan and the United States, and the S-Class is leading its segment in Germany.

In September, sales in Europe were up 14.2%, up 7.8% in North America and up 26.2% in Asia.

From January to September, Mercedes-Benz Cars has sold 1,136,420 cars, up 8.9%. They were split between 1,062,638 sales for Mercedes-Benz, up 10.1%, and 73,782 sales for Smart, down 6.6%. It is confident that it will have record sales for the year.

“Never before has Mercedes-Benz sold more vehicles in a single month than this September. The new S-ClassS-Class 6Mercedes-Benz S-Class 6Germany, 2014 > present47 versions
113 photos
is already the distinct market leader in Germany and Europe. Our compacts and the new E-ClassE-Class Gen.5Mercedes-Benz E-Class Gen.5Germany, 2009 > present488 versions
755 photos
are also proving hugely popular with customers,” said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, head of sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

While cars like the E-Class and S-Class grab headlines, Mercedes’ compacts are grabbing sales. Its compact range sold a total of 267,467 cars in the last nine months, up 68.3% from the year before. The introduction of the GLA-ClassGLA-ClassMercedes-Benz GLA-ClassGermany, 2013 > present32 versions
72 photos
compact crossover will likely take that even further.

SUVs are also still a major Mercedes market with 236,129 sales since the beginning of the year, up 17.3% over last year.

Smart sales continue to be a problem, but the company is introducing new two-door and four-door models next year.





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