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Geneva Motor Show

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Kia shows new technology in Geneva

New features from the Korean brand will be used in production models from 2015

Engine was developed simultaneously to reduce emissions and improve performance in the next generation of models

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unveiled in Geneva Motor Show its new hybrid engine, integrated into the new exhibition of future technologies for the South Korean brand. The engine was designed to simultaneously reduce emissions and improve engine performance in models of the next generation.

The engine was developed at Kia's European center in Russelsheim, Germany, and uses a lead-carbon battery of 48volts, which powers a small electric motor which increases engine power and reduces exhaust emissions.

Kia's hybrid system will enable a car that can be driven in electric-only mode at low speeds and cruising speed, while the battery is being recharged during deceleration at all speeds. For high traffic and urban roads, the engine also has a zero emissions stop-start system.

The battery also provides power to an electric compressor that increases the torque and power at low revs. The system is equipped with the compressor but engineers responsible for its development believe that a turbo engine can provide even more torque and power as speed increases. The new hybrid system can also be fitted without the electric compressor which might be used for smaller models.

Kia expects that the application of this technology in their production models allows a reduction of CO2 emissions by 15 percent, while the electric supercharger is designed to increase horsepower from 15 to 20 percent.

The new engine will also allow engineers to reduce the size of the existing battery of a vehicle and its engine start system. The new technology will be available in both petrol and diesel in the near future .

New dual-clutch transmission

Another Kia technological innovation unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show was the new dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

The new transmission, the first of its kind at Kia, was designed to balance the higher fuel efficiency with better performance and provide a sportier driving experience. The new DCT combines the advantages of both manual and automatic transmissions to allow faster changes of gears.

The new dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds will start appearing in production cars from Kia in 2015.





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