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Electric Cars

autoviva2014-10-22 10:13:58

Nissan delivers first electric taxis in Spain

Madrid and Barcelona are investing in the conversion of their taxi fleet

In Barcelona the taxi fleet will now be integrated by the e-NV200

NissanNissanNissanJapan, 1932 > present159 models
7236 photos
12 videos
began delivering the first electric taxis in Spain, in what is a further step towards 100% zero-emissions transportation in European urban centers. The city of Madrid got the first LeafLEAFNissan LEAFJapan, 2009 > present30 versions
55 photos
1 video
taxi, while Barcelona received the first e-NV200e-NV200Nissan e-NV200Japan, 2012 > present12 photos

In the specific case of Barcelona, Nissan, the city and the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona have reached an agreement for the production of cab versions of the e-NV200, since this vehicle is produced in the region.

Nissan Europe's Director for Electric Vehicles Jean-Pierre Diernaz states that it is very positive to see Madrid and Barcelona taking steps towards zero-emission mobility in the urban centers, at a time that across Europe there is great concern about the levels of air quality.


In Madrid's case, the city opted to approve the Nissan Leaf as a taxi for the city. The unveiling of the first vehicle took place at Puerta del Sol, the zero km mark from which distances from roads throughout Spain are measured.

The first driver of a 100% electric taxi in Madrid, Antonio Prieto Berzal, says that as soon as he knew that it would become possible to integrate the Leaf in the taxi fleet he began to analyze the options and he concluded that in addition to environmental benefits, the cost of ownership and the performance of the car make the Leaf a viable solution.


In Barcelona the introduction of the e-NV200 in the taxi fleet in the city is just one of the measures contained in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Nissan, the City and Metropolitan Area of Barcelona last year. This agreement aims to support the growth of sustainable mobility in Catalonia.

This region was chosen specifically because the e-NV200 model is being produced for the global market in Barcelona since May.

The handing of the first e-NV200 taxi to Barcelona happened at the Expo-electric Formula event, one of the most important meetings on sustainable mobility organized in Europe.



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