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Electric Cars

Gordon Murray Working with Yamaha on Future Concepts

It may spawn a sports car concept in the future

The Motiv.E concept represents Yamaha's idea for a future production car.

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. At the Tokyo Motor Show, it showed he Motiv.E EV concept, and the next project between Murray and Yamaha may be a sports car.

During the show, Yamaha showed a rendering of a sports car by Murray with similar styling as the Motiv.E. The company said that Murray gave them multiple concept renderings, but it chose the Motiv.E as the first because it portrays the one most likely to enter production.

“The manufacturing system allows for a longer vehicle, a wider vehicle and many other modifications, without significant additional costs,” said Masato Suzuki, Yamaha general manager. “The first step is to consider if the reaction is positive enough to put the car into production, but it is my hope and goal that it will be. I am pushing hard for that. After that decision is made, we must consider the body styles.”

Yamaha is considering entering the car market in Japan with a vehicle based on the Motiv.E. The styling would remain roughly the same, but the production version would be offered in petrol and electric versions. The car also meets European safety standards, but Yamaha will focus on Japan first, if it goes into production.

“We would not enter the car market to build a car in the same way as everyone else. Yamaha does not think like that, and nor does Murray,” said Suzuki.

Yamaha has established itself as one of the leading makers of motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. It has also helped develop multiple automotive engines. Building and selling complete cars would be a first for it, though.

Gordon Murray's Yamaha MOTIV.e on Display in Tokyo

Source: Autocar





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