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Driving Advice

autoviva2012-11-23 12:20:36

Advice: The Holiday Check-List For Your Car

Advice: The Holiday Check-List For Your Car

It is holiday-time, time to pack the car and hit the road for a couple of weeks, escaping the treadmill of our daily routines and worries.

To make the trip as relaxing as it should be, it is important to check a couple of things regarding your car before hand to avoid any unpleasant surprises that might compromise your time-schedule or budget.

It is better to invest a couple of hours before the trip and to follow a hand full of tips, instead of stranding somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a broken car, no emergency contacts at hand and an insufficient insurance cover.

1. Oil Check

Check, if there is still enough engine-oil, if not, refill. Also check for the levels of the brake and clutch fluids and make sure you are equipped with a set of spare oil just in case.

2. Tyre Check

Take a look at all tyres. Is the tyre pressure okay? How about the tyre thread? Is it already very worn-off? If that is the case, consider the investment of a new set of tyres - it is for your own safety! Also: is a spare tyre on board? This will save you in case you have a puncture.

3. Headlights and direction indicator check

Are all lights and indicators working properly? Make the test with someone outside checking while another runs through all the functions.

4. Wiper Check

Check if all wipers in front and at the rear are working okay. Also refill the wiper liquid if needed, so you won't get stuck with a dusty windscreen, and always take a spare water reserve with you.

5. Brake Check

Make a careful check of your brakes. Do you notice any strange behaviour during braking? Uneven braking or vibrations in the steering? If that is the case, better take your car to an inspection before hitting the road!

6. Water Check

Check if you have enough cooling water filled in the radiator compartment. Especially in the summer heat, a functioning cooling system is essential to keep your engine running properly. Also take a can with spare water along to refill if necessary.

7. Emergency Check

Do you have all the necessary tools on board that you might need in case of a break-down? Apart from the spare tyre, you need a reflective vest, the breakdown triangle, a tool-set and a first-aid-kit.

8. Navigation Check

Are all your navigation-systems up-to-date with their software and equipped with the routes you are planning to drive? May be, just in case, also keep an old-school paper map handy of the region you are heading to. You never know...

9. Breakdown Cover

Check your travel insurance and breakdown cover. Is it appropriate for the trip you are planning? Are you covered abroad? Make sure you take the necessary phone numbers with you that you need to call in case of an emergency so someone will come and pick you up where you are stranded.

10. Final Overall Check

Just make sure: Did you notice anything strange about your car lately? Any spongy steering, unusual noises,  leaks on the vehicle bottom or the like? If yes, pass by a local garage and get it checked out before you leave. The small fee might be well worth it, if it prevents you from having major breakdown far from home.
  • 1. Oil Check
  • 2. Tyre Check
  • 3. Headlights and direction indicator check
  • 4. Wiper Check
  • 5. Brake Check
  • 6. Water Check
  • 7. Emergency Check
  • 8. Navigation Check
  • 9. Breakdown Cover
  • 10. Final Overall Check


1 comment

This is a handy reminder. Thanks!
16.07.2012 @ 10:56


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