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Driving Advice

Autoviva2013-08-02 12:59:20

Advice: Be safe on your daily commute

A few tips to make sure you get to work safe and sound

Daily commutes can be stressful especially because most people like to sleep in as much as possible and then leave at the last minute. This leads to rushing, passing, sudden breaking and that can result in accidents and higher fuel consumption.

So to make sure you get to work safely we gathered a few tips that will make your life easier and accident free:


One of the inherent problems with daily commutes is the fact that a lot of people are going to be traveling at the same time. So when things start to slow down due to the amount of people on the road drivers tend to start acting unpredictable to escape it. Try to be aware of what people around you are doing and anticipate their actions the best you can.

Be aware of road users

Drivers are not the only ones traveling at rush hour. There is also people walking, cyclists, children going to school so be sure to pay extra attention to people crossing the street or children coming from between parked cars.

Familiar roads

You probably take the same road every day, it's more comfortable and convenient. However it can also make you do that trip in auto pilot. Even though you're sure you know that street like none other stay alert for any emerging dangers.

Listen to traffic updates

A good way to avoid delays due to accidents or roads under construction is to pay attention to the radio. Traffic updates allow you to know in advance what's happening and how to avoid problematic areas by taking alternative routes.

Look out for rain

Consider the weather before you leave home. On rainy days the traffic usually increases and the roads are more dangerous. So maybe leave home a bit earlier so you don't have to worry about about being late.

Do regular car check-ups

If your car is the only means of transportation available to you make a special effort to maintain it in good shape. Make regular check-ups, check the tyre pressure, water, oil and lights on a weekly basis.

  • Anticipate
  • Be aware of road users
  • Familiar roads
  • Listen to traffic updates
  • Look out for rain
  • Do regular car check-ups


This a very good post, but it is already too old. Can you write something similar on the topic but new? I guess the tendencies for this year changed.
02.09.2019 @ 18:09
Hi there, I guess the tips and tricks remained the same. Not much has changed for these years. So there is no use to write a new article for you personally. If you drive, you must observe the rules an...
03.09.2019 @ 16:47


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