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Classic Cars

Mini Wishes Porsche 911 a Happy 50th Birthday

Stages a photo shoot with classic examples of both cars

The Mini was introduced in 1959, and the Porsche was shown in 1963.

PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4655 photos
29 videos
has already announced its 911 50th Anniversary911 50th Anniversary EditionPorsche 911 50th Annivers...Germany, 2013 > present11 photos
special edition, but BMW also wants to congratulate its German colleague. To celebrate, it staged a photo shoot with a classic MiniMini Gen.1 [Mark I]Austin Mini Gen.1 [Mark I]United Kingdom, 1961 > 19677 versions
7 photos
and classic 911.

The 911 and Mini are very different cars. One was meant as a people’s car that practically anyone could afford, and the other has been an exclusive luxury for its entire 50 years of production. There were 5.3 million original Minis made over its lifetime, but there have only been 800,000 911s over the past 50 years.

The Mini predates the 911 slightly. The first Minis went on sale in 1959, and the higher performance Mini CooperCooperMini CooperUnited Kingdom, 1961 > present4 photos
did not go on sale until 1961. The top Cooper SCooper SMini Cooper SUnited Kingdom, 1965 > present2 photos
was not introduced until 1963, the same year that that 911 was first shown.

The 911 was first shown at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show, and it went on sale in 1964. In many ways it was an evolution of the previous 356 but with a larger size, bigger engine, more luxury and more speed.

Motorsport has been a major definer of both cars’ legacies. The 911 is the single most successful car in racing history by winning races all over the world at all levels practically since it was introduced. The Mini’s success might not be as large, but it has been a major player in the car’s marketing. The Mini Cooper S winning the Monte Carlo Rally scoring three overall wins in 1964, 1965 and 1967 has been a major selling point for the car’s sportiness.

The other thing that the Mini and 911 have in common is their ability to adapt. There were a huge number of variations of the Mini produced from the JeepJeepJeepUnited States of America, 1941 > present33 models
966 photos
4 videos
-like Mini Moke, ClubmanMini Clubman EstateAustin Mini Clubman EstateUnited Kingdom, 1969 > present1 photo
, CountrymanAustin Seven CountrymanUnited Kingdom, 1961 > present and more.

The 911 has similarly changed in its life. There was the targa, turbo911 TurboPorsche 911 TurboGermany, 1975 > present2 photos
, all-wheel drive911 Carrera 4Porsche 911 Carrera 4Germany, 1988 > present2 photos
and the big switch from air- to water-cooling911 Gen.4Porsche 911 Gen.4Germany, 1997 > 200435 versions
136 photos
in the late 90s.

There are only a handful of cars that become icons. The Mini, 911, Ford MustangMustangFord MustangUnited States of America, 1964 > present6 series
147 versions
449 photos
4 videos
and Citroën DSDSCitroën DSFrance, 1955 > 197630 versions
215 photos
would all certainly count.





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