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Classic Cars

Cache of Abandoned Cars and Scooters Found in Italian Tunnel

Cars were used to carry black market goods around World War 2


A cache of World War 2-era cars has been discovered by Italian geologist Gianluca Minin in an abandoned tunnel near Naples, Italy. Most of the vehicles were confiscated from the Italian police for carrying black market goods during the post-war occupation and stored in the cavern. There were also some American World War 2 vehicles found.

The first vehicles were found behind roughly eight meters of trash. Minin and his team have taken seven years to excavate through the garbage to find the vehicles and are still working.

The tunnel started as part as an escape route out of the Royal Palace for King Ferdinand II in 1853. It was also used as an air raid shelter and military hospital during World War 2.

Even better, you can actually tour the cars and cavern. Tours are run through the cavern on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can also view more images of the excavation at the tunnels website.

Source: Classic and Sports Car




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