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Classic Cars

BMW Begins Manufacturing 1936 328 Transmissions Again

One of the company's rarest models

BMW built fewer than 450 328s between 1936 and 1940

BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8625 photos
43 videos
built 464 328s328BMW 328Germany, 1936 > 19404 photos
between 1936 and 1940. The cars were one of the best German sports cars of their generation with class wins at the Nürburgring, Le Mans and Mille Miglia. The 1940 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe328 MM CoupéBMW 328 MM CoupéGermany, 1939 > present2 photos
scored an overall win in the race. With cars that not been manufactured in over 70 years repairs can become very difficult. Parts simply do not exist in many cases. That is why BMW has begun re-manufacturing transmissions for the 328 through the BMW Classic Center. 

Owners have had to use gearboxes from other makes when restoring their 328s. The original Hurth transmission had an unsynchronized first and second gear, while gears three and four were synchronized. It is a relatively rare transmission design. 

BMW partnered with transmission supplier ZF to create the new transmissions. They used the original blueprints that were in the BMW archives, but over time the transmission had many changes, which BMW had to factor into the original plans. For the final transmission, BMW and ZF used modern metallurgy and a reinforced second gear bearing that blends the authentic design with modern reliability. 

The new transmission was given a trial under fire with the prototype unit being installed in a 328 for the 2012 Mille Miglia. It performed with no problems. 

The development team also consulted with the FIA and classic vehicle clubs to make sure that the transmission would be considered authentic for owners who race or show their vehicles. 

The new transmission will still not exactly be mass-produced. ZF is building 55 of them, and they can only be ordered through BMW Classic Center. 





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